Book Club Introduction

Hello Chapter,

I wanted to post something on the website in case there are those of you that are interested in the Book Club and just don’t know how to get started.

First, you want to email me and let me know that you want to start receiving the monthly emails, email Lisa Joliecoeur

Second, come to a meeting.
These two steps are interchangeable.

You can always check us out here on our website.

There is no formal way to join, just showing up gets you involved. You are not required to have read the book to come to the meeting, although, it does help. There have been plenty of times that members have not read the book, or have not finished the book and have come any way. They still find the meeting to be entertaining, social and educational. Caution: if you are someone that doesn’t like the ending to be given away, then you may not want to come. We discuss the book in its entirety and do not cater to those who have not read the book. It really puts a damper on the conversation.

The book club is open to all members. There have been occasions when members have brought guests. We welcome all that wish to participate in the discussions.

The discussion questions are generally from a prepared reading group guide obtained from the publisher’s website, author’s website, or reading group website. There is no right or wrong answer to the discussion questions, they are used to provoke thought and fuel the discussions for the meetings.

The books are picked by the members suggestions. If we have multiple suggestions, we add them to the suggested reading list for the group or possibly read two books in one month. We have even taken suggestions from those who get our emails, but never come to the meetings. We also have taken suggestions from those that only make it once in a while. We are proud to say that we have a diverse reading list, many have been award winning, on the best seller’s list, and lists for most popular titles for book club selections. But, we do not pick because it is on a list, we select because a member suggested something that they would like to read, and the rest of the group found it to be something they would like to try as well.

We try to pick our books a couple of months ahead of time so that people can plan to join in, read on vacation, place a hold at the library, etc…

So let me know if you wish to be added to the Book Club distribution list.

Happy Reading,

Lisa Joliecoeur



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