Jaycees Annual FREE Easter Egg Hunt Saturday April 8, 2017

Jaycees Annual FREE Easter Egg Hunt Saturday April 8, 2019 at 10:00 AM SHARP!


For over 25 years, each spring, right before Easter, the Foxboro Jaycees fill over 2500 (yes, two thousand and five hundred!) plastic eggs with candy and scatter them across Foxboro Common.

(It’s not really a “hunt” because the thousands of eggs are everywhere so everyone gets a good bounty of goodies!)

On that morning, approximately 300 children race to collect as many eggs as they can. We have three hunts separated by three age groups (1-3 years), (4-5 years), and (6-7-8 years)

Age group change: In recent years we have phased out the “9 and 10” age group; this event is more for little kids.

IMPORTANT: BE THERE BEFORE 10AM — The first hunt starts at EXACTLY 10:00!

The kids then have a meet and greet with the Easter bunny and get their picture taken. Feel free to bring your own camera if you like!   BUNNY PICTURES: If you would like the Jaycees to take the picture of you child/children with the Easter Bunny, we provide a FREE digital picture placed on a password protect server — we’ll give parents the password that day!



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