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2006 Haunted House Credits

2006 Haunted House Chairman, Jaycees: Bob Webster
2006 Haunted House Chairman, Orpheum/Bay Colony Productions: Bill Cunningham

Treasurer: Monica Fisler

Publicity: Lynda Walsh and Susan Tovsky and Robert Gillis

Manpower: Lynda Walsh

Construction: Derek House

Primary Construction Team: Bob Webster, Derek House, Dave Fisler, Randy Groves, Paul Lanza, Mike Savage, Brendan Pentilla, John Rivers, Tim Rivers, Bill Wivell, Tom Whiffen, Phil Wright

Electrical: David Fisler

Sound: Ed Dimarzio

Lighting: Mike Texiera

Webmaster: Robert Gillis

Photographer: Robert Gillis

Costumes: Daniel Kozar

Makeup: Lauren Bitar

Procurement: Amy Correia

Construction Meals: Amy Correia

Creative Chair: Tom Whiffen

Head Guide: Monica Rigamonti

Show Maintenance: David Fisler, Brendan Pentilla, Phil Wright and Kathy Brady

Nightly Meals: Karen Apgar

Nightly Beverages: Tom Sawran

Breakup Party: Jane Webster, Sandy Emery, Cindy McCann

Top of House, Concessions and Tickets: Mark Emery, Sandy Emery, Dave Brown, Greg Widmer, Monica Fisler, Gail Gilman, Norma Leemon, Helene Savage, Mike Savage, Cathy Hickey and Camilla Brown

Guides: Kate Apgar, Meghan Brooks, Andrea Cummings, Jeff Dale, Sandy Daniels, Wesley Durante, Jim Fallon, Julie Grant, Bob Hickey, Cathy Hickey, Wendy Kerchoff, Paul Lanza, Lisa McCahan, Cindy McCann, Monica Rigamonti, Dawn Rossi, Martha Rothchild, Tom Sawran, Jim Stafford, Katy Stanley, Jeannie Suttie, Lynda Walsh, Mike Warner, Bob Webster, Jane Webster, Jennifer Widmer

Rooms / Walk-Byes:

Balcony: Ian O’Malley, Daniel Kozar, Mike Warner, Derek House, Yvonne McNamara, Kris Long, James Saunders, Bill Dempsey, Bob Hickey

Prop Room: Niki Melish with Thor Nielsen, Krystal Goffredo, Matt Nielsen, Kiera Nielsen and Kristin Magnano

Betty: Erin Goffredo

Clem II: Designed by Derek House

Dressing Room: Robert Gillis and Lauren Bitar with Melissa Baker and Colin McNelley and Chrissy Winsor and Sean Civitarese and Very special guest performances by Daniel Kozar

Rats: Kristin Magnano, Kathy Brady, Wendy Kerchoff, Tim Rivers and Greg Widmer and Kris Long

Owner’s Office: Tom Sawran and Randy Groves and Cindy McCann with Lisa Jamieson and John McCann

Popcorn vendor: John McCann with Randy Groves, Lisa Jamieson, Dave Brown, Paul O’Sullivan and Tom Sawran

Back Stairs: Gerry McNamara

Haunted Concessions: Casey Gallagher with Matt Johnson, Ryan Cotter, Britney Duzan, Josh Wheeler, Matt Hebert, Eddie Noonan, a cast of thousands and a very special guest appearance by Brendan Pentilla

Portrait Gallery: Kat Peck and Lauren Riley

Theater: Linda Magovern as Myrtle, the laughing/screaming lady

Theater Actors: Bill Cunningham, Sandra Myatt, Hanna Jamieson, Bill Roberts, and Sandy Daniels

Backstage: Joanna Rothchild and Nathan Lamont and Chrissy McCartney with Bill Cunningham, Keith Magovern, and Andrew Murray

Entrance to Pit: Pete Christian and Kristy Apgar with Sami Mandeville, Colin Roberts, Tim Rivers, James Saunders, and Willy Long

Skeletons: Jennifer Diederich

Mad Electrician: John Rivers with Bob Webster, Kathy Brady and Tom Whiffen

Ghouls: Tom Whiffen and Bill Wivell and Jen Diederich with John Rivers and Tim Thibeault

2006 Awards:

Best Guide: Paul Lanza

Stealth Guide: Julie Grant

Best Guide Team: Andrea Cummings and Wendy Kerchoff

Best Room: Owners office (Tom Sawran and Randy Groves and Cindy McCann)

Best Walk by: POPCORN! John McCann

Room Appreciation Awards: Phil Wright, Dave Fisler, Karen Apgar, Melissa Baker, Daniel Kozar, Colin McNelley


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