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Foxboro Jaycees Welcome You!

2005 Haunted House Credits

2005 Haunted House Chairman: Mark Emery

Primary Construction: David Fisler, Derek House, Gerry McNamara, Paul Lanza, Mike Savage, Bob Webster, Tom Whiffen, Bill Wivell, Mark Silipine

Construction of Rooms/Sets: Lauren Bitar, Kathy Brady, David Fisler, Robert Gillis, Derek House, Gerry McNamara, Paul Lanza, Beth Reynolds, Monica Rigamonti, Mike Savage, Tom Sawran, Sandy Smith, Bob Webster, Bill Wivell, Tom Whiffen

Publicity: Yvonne McNamara; Procurement, Amy Correia; Treasurer Monica Rigamonti and Helene Savage

Showtime (Jaycees): Jenn Allsop, Krystie Apgar, Fred Badger, Lauren Bitar, Kathy Brady, Dennis Brennan, Dave Brown, Peter Christian, Mark Emery, David Fisler, Monica Fisler, Robert Gillis, Ed Groh, Randy Groves, Laureen House, Wendy Kerchoff, Paul Lanza, Firm Locke, Nicole Mackay, Gerry McNamara, Niki Melish, Thor Nielsen, Adam Nolin, Jimmy Olivett, Monica Rigamonti, Tom Sawran, Sandy Smith, Bob Webster, Jane Webster, Tom Whiffen, Nancy Williams, Jen Widmer, Lucy Wilhelm

Showtime (Thanks also to): AJ, Melissa Baker (Honeybee), Tara Brown, Justine Cabral, Sean Civitarese, Karen Curran, Kerrie Donovan, Fish, Devlyn House, Joe LaRosa, Colin McNelley, Matt Nielsen, Kiera Nielsen, Patti O’Hara, Emily Ross, Courtney Saunders, Marybeth Scholfield, Glenn Shepardson, Tim Thibeault, Amy Wivell


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