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2003 Haunted House Credits

The heart and soul of the haunted house; the committee — led by the chairman — coordinate every aspect of our haunted house: finances and budget, obtaining permits, camp cleanup, construction, finding and purchasing needed construction supplies and props, makeup, cleaning, painting, ensuring the bodies will never be found, publicity, graphics, web design, manpower, concessions, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, ticket sales, and about a bazillion other logistic concerns. Each committee member is responsible for a specific area of our haunt, and several of these areas (for example, publicity) require sub-committees to get all the work done! Reading this roster, you can appreciate what a massive undertaking our Haunted House really is. We’re very proud of our 2003 committee and the impressive haunted house they have produced.

2003 Haunted House Chairmen, David Fisler and Paul Lanza

Karen Apgar: Staff Meals

Carl Bertolino: Nightly Dinner Coordinator / Chef

Lauren Bitar: Makeup

Andrea Cummings: Breakup Party

Tami Comeau: Assistant Head Guide

Mark and Sandy Emery: Mini Haunt Chairmen

Amy Correia: Family Night

Robert Gillis: Web Master and Publicity Committee

Susan Gillis: Concessions

Steve Holtzman: Creative Director of the Rooms

Kris Long: Procurement

Yvonne McNamara: Publicity Chairman.

Publicity Committee: Gerry McNamara, Monica Rigamonti, Tom Whiffen, Robert Gillis, Lauren Bitar.

Monica Rigamonti: Creative Director of the Guides

Helene Savage: Treasurer

Lynda Walsh: Procurement

Phil Wright: Construction

Tom Whiffen: Publicity Co-Chairman

Guides: They call themselves Stella. Penny. Rose the dead bride. Neo. Raven. Gemini. Hellgalena. Myra. Lucy. Birdie. Reverend Bob. Chaos. Mad Marion. They walk in shadow, these creatures of the night. The truth is out there… And so are they. They are your guides. Haunted House Guides have the responsibility of escorting groups of ten through the Haunt.

Jen Allsop, Carl Bertolino, Angela Bordieri (Mad Marion), Fred Badger, Mike Brennan (Domino), Dennis Brennan (Checkers), Lee-Ann Colbett (Laura), Tami Comeau, Andrea Cummings (Myra), Karen Curran, Deena Cummings (Gwen), Amy George (Suzy), Fish, (Indiana Bones), Julie Grant, Monica Joshi, Kim Kelly, Nicole King, Julie Phinney (Miss Kitty), Cathy Reid, Monica Rigamonti (Pippi), Tom Sawran, Bob Shea (Hanging Judge), Sandy Smith, Lynda Walsh, Bob Webster (Reverend Bob), Jane Webster, Mike Wood

Rooms / Walk-Byes: The brave souls who create a cabin or walk by (a “room”) will spend over three months in construction. They’ll plan a room, gut the existing structure, frame the walls, install sheet rock, hold sacred midnight rituals in the pale moonlight, build ramps, trapdoors, fake floors, and much more. They will electrify, paint, decorate, wire speakers, shop for and create props, and prepare a script for their scare. Over 12 nights, they and their team will give over 1000 performances of their scare. Our compliments to this year’s “room” people:

Maze: Adam Nolin and Brenda Correia and John Blowers. With: Nick Benziger; Paul Truax

Swamp: Krystle Goffredo and Erin Goffredo and Melissa Penney

Voodo Priestess: Niki Melish and Thor Nielsen and Krystle Goffredo and Jett Pirtle.
Other actors: Mike Melish, Mat Nielsen, Kiera Nielsen, Courtney Melish, Danielle Hayes, Heidi Nielson

Cabin 2: Ken Wills and Gerry McNamara.
Other actors: Derek House, John Bender, Brendan Penttila

Artifact Post: Dave Conti
With: Krystie Apgar

Plane: Randy Groves.
With: Matt Cabral, Kate Apgar, Jamy Mellor, Dan Mullin

Cursed Guides: Robert Gillis and Lauren Bitar and Dave Reid.
Other actors: Melissa Baker (Honeybee); Danielle Kelly.
Guest “Swamp Thing” Actors: Carl Bertolino, Nick Benziger; Alan Ruiz, Mike Savage, Keith Mueller, Nathan Burtt

Temple 1: Tom Whiffen and Bill Wivell.
Other actors: Kris Long; Amy Wivell; Laura Wivell

Temple 2: Paul Lanza and Steve Holtzman and “Lesky”

Special Thanks: Mike Savage, Lynda Walsh and Kris Long for getting the Dining Hall set up and the plumbing fixed; Fred Badger, Tom Sawran, Dave Fisler, Paul Lanza, and Gerry McNamara for their outstanding roof repair efforts; Bill Long for stepping in to do so much of the electrical work; Paul Howard and Kevin Coleman for fixing the Guide Building plumbing; Paul Truax for repairing the concession stand; Sue Gillis and Dave Fisler for refurbishing the concession stand with counters, tile and new tables, the ever present, ever helpful and always cheerful Brendan Penttila for all his help every year; Paul O’Sullivan for the counsel

Special Thanks: Jen Allsop; Karen Apgar, Kate Apgar, Krystie Apgar, Fred Badger; Angela Baker, Melissa Baker; John Bender; Nick Benziger; Carl Bertolino; Paula Bertolino; Lauren Bitar; John Blowers; Angela Bordieri; Kathy Brady; Pauline Brown; Dave Brown; Matt Cabral; Steve Cabral; Steve Cavileri; Denise Colarossi; Jonathan Coleman; Steve Coleman; Kevin Coleman; Dave Conti; Brenda Correia; Lee-Ann Colbett, Deena Cummings; Andrea Cummings; Karen Curran; Paul Dean; Mark Emery; Sandy Emery; Alfredo Figueora; Peter Fisler; David Fisler; J Fox; Amy George; Fred George; Fish; Robert Gillis; Sue Gillis; Erin Goffredo; Krystal Goffredo; Randy Groves; Danielle H.; Steve Holtzman; Paul Howard; Frank Jager; Danielle Kelly, Kim Kelly; Eric K.; Casey Gallagher; Jess Kolfar; Eric Kramer; Angela Lanza; Linda Lanza; Paul Lanza; Dave Lescoe; Kris Long; Bill Long; Willy Long; Linda Magovern; Brian Manning; Gerry McNamara; Jamy Mellor, Niki Melish; Mike Melish; Keith Mueller; Heidi Neilson; Kira Neilson; Matt Neilson; Thor Neilson; Adam Nolin; Bob O’Donnell; Patty O’Hara; Paul O’Sullivan; Bob Parker; Kyle Parker; Melissa Penney; Brendan Penttila; Jett Pirtle; David Reid; Monica Rigamonti; Courney Saunders; Mike Savage; Tom Sawran; Bob Shea; Sandy Smith; Peter Sorrow; Lynda Walsh; Tom Whiffen; Ken Wills; Amy Wivell; Laura Wivell; Bill Wivell; Judy Wood; Mike Wood; Phil Wright;

MINI-HAUNT; THE ENCHANTED FOREST: Chairmen: Mark Emery and Sandy Emery. Committee: Kathy Brady, Lynn Freerksen, Andrea Cummings, Monica Rigamonti, Dave Fisler, Linda Strano, Sandy Smith, Tom Sawran, Lynda Walsh

MINI-HAUNT: Additional Staff: Linda Brennan, Dennis Brennan, Mike Brennan, Dave Brown, Carmella Brown, Mike Savage, Helene Savage, Michele Rogers, Scott Rogers, Cathy Hickey, Brendan Penttila, Cathy Reid, Amy George, Dave Britton, Bill Long, Fred Badger, Doug MacDonald, Casey Gallagher, Kim Kelly, Robert Gillis, Colin McNelley, Nancy Williams, Courtney Saunders, Fish, Wendy Lizotte, Pete Sorrow, Pauline Brown, Emily Ross, Angela Bordieri, Aimee Emery, Derek House, Gerry McNamara, Laura Droops, Randy Groves, Tom Whiffen


Best Guide: Fish Gianelli

Best Guide Team (tie): Lynda Walsh and Amy Correia

Best Guide Team (tie): Monica Rigamonti and Kim kelly

Best Rookie Guide: Amy Correia

Best Scare: The Maze: Adam Nolin

Best Skit: Lost Guides: Bob Gillis, Lauren Bitar, Dave Reid and Melissa Baker

Best Room: Temple 1: Tom Whiffen and Bill Wivell

Best Walkby: The Marsh: Krystal Goffredo

Most Artistic Room: Voodo Hut: Niki mellish, Thor Neilsen, Jett Pirtle

Most Humerous Room: Swamp: Gerry McNamara and Ken Willis

Best use of Manpower: Dave Conti: Artifact Post

Best Rookie Room: Plane: Randy Groves

Best Special Effects: temple 2: Paul Lanza, Steve Holtzman and Lescoe

Special Appreciation: Melissa Baker

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