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2002 Haunted House Credits

The heart and soul of the haunted house; the committee — led by the chairman — coordinate every aspect of our haunted house: finances and budget, writing a script, supervising construction, obtaining the proper permits, finding and purchasing needed construction supplies and props, makeup, cleaning, painting, cleaning up the vampire cabin after a fresh kill, publicity, graphics, web design, manpower, concessions, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, ticket sales, and about a zillion other logistic concerns. Each committee member is responsible for a specific area of our haunt, and several of these areas (for example, publicity) require sub-committees to get all the work done! Reading this roster, you can appreciate what a massive undertaking out Haunted House really is. We’re very proud of our committee and the impressive haunted house they have produced.

2002 Haunted House Chairmen, Derek House and Kathy Brady

Mark and Sandy Emery, and Steve Fruzzetti – Treasurers

Phil Wright – Construction and Maintenance

Dave Conti: Technical Design, Evil Costumes, Scary Props

Bob Webster: Creative Director of the Rooms

Tom Sawran: Publicity

Susan Gillis: Publicity Committee Co-Chair, creator and provider of all Mini-Haunt meals

Tami Comeau: Creative Director of the Guides

Yvonne McNamara – Publicity

Elise Behn: Procurement

Sandy Smith: Manpower

Laureen House: Membership booth

Helene Savage: Concessions

Kris Long: Community Relations Sales; breakup party

Lauren Bitar – Makeup, prop creation and behind-the-scenes work

Linda Magovern: T-Shirt sales

Carl Bertolino: Nightly Dinner Coordinator / Chef

Karen Apgar: Nightly Break Food Coordinator

Bob Gillis: Foxboro Jaycees Web Site

Guides: They call themselves Legion. Chaos. Harmony. Spiderrella. Glitter Boy the Vampire Slave. Raven. Merlin. Reverend Bob. Widow Penderghastly. Neo. Witch Jane. Gabrialla. They are very oddly dressed. They are creatures of the night. The truth is out there… And so are they. They are your guides. They escort you in small groups through the Haunted House. They’ll tell you the horrific tales of this year’s haunt. Tami Comeau (Stella), Lynda Walsh (Penny), Monica Rigamonti (Rose the dead bride), Robert Gillis (Raven), Sue Gillis (Hellgalena), Carl Bertolino (Chaos), Patti O’Hara, Angela Borderi, “Fish,” Brian McGillacuddy, Andrea Cummings (Myra), AJ Sawaya (Little Luke), Kris Long (Lucy), Jane Webster (Bedtime Birdie), Norm Pelland (Simon), Judy Wood, Mike Wood

Rooms / Walk-Byes: The brave souls who create a cabin or walkby (a “room”) will spend over three months in construction. They’ll plan a room, gut the existing structure, install sheetrock, build, electrify, paint, decorate, create props, ramps, trapdoors and much more, and prepare a script for their scare. Over 13 nights, they will give over 1300 performances of their scare. Our compliments to this year’s “room” people:

Vortex Tunnel- Bob Webster

Maze- Adam Nolin, Phil Wright with Brenda Correia, Jarod Pelland, Judy Wood, Mike Wood, Angela Baker, Melissa Baker and John Blowers

Swamp: Tom Sawran, Krystle Goffredo, and Dave Warner.

Evil Dollmaker’s Workshop: Krystle Goffredo with Jett Pertile, Erin Goffredo, Nick Benziger, Tina Murry, and David Warner

Mausoleum: Ken Wills and Gerry McNamara, with Robert Gillis and Lori Will

Graveyard: Dave Conti

Nightmare Museum: Dave Conti and Greg Dickerman with Frank Jager, Marc Souza, Chris Olson and Susan Gillis

Butcher Shop: Frank Jager and Peter LaSalle

Star Trek: Mark Emery and Bob Hickey and Dave Brown with Paul O’Sullivan

Veronica’s Room: Bob Webster and Sandy Smith and Harry the Hampster

Clown Fun House: Tom Whiffen and Dave Fisler and Bill Wivell, Amy George, Laura Wivell, and Amy Wivell.

This Old House: Paul Lanza and Steve Holtzman with Dave Lescoe and Brendan Penttila


Special thanks: David House II, Steve and Tracy Pomfeld for their large donation of drywall, Pauline Brown for her artistic magic, Ken Wills for evil artwork and keeping us fed with his delicious cooking, Anne Marie Arcand, Bob Shea (just for being you), Sandy Emery and Fred Badger (tickets and group control), Linus Van Pelt and Sally Brown and everyone at the Birchwood Pumpkin Patch, Melissa Penny, Jessie Morly, Tina Murry, Heather Belair, John O’Neil (video), Boy Scouts of Foxboro

Mini Haunt thanks: Mini Haunt Chairman David Fisler would like to thank the following Jaycees and friends who brought the 2002 mini haunt to life: Tom Whiffen, Gerry and Yvonne and Cameron McNamara, Lynda Walsh, Tom Sawran, Amy George, Courtney Saunders, Fish, Tami Comeau, Peter Fisler, Brendan Penttila, Scott Rogers, Bob and Sue Gillis, AJ, Stephanie Fisler, Linda Magovern, Laureen House, Andrea Cummings, Monica Rigamonti, Steve Fruzzetti, and a very special thank you to Susan Gillis owner of Puffins Gourmet Cafe of Foxboro for all the delicious meals.


Best Guide: Tami Comeau
Best Guide team: Lynda Walash and Monica Rigamonti
Best Room: Dave Conti and Greg Dickerman: Nightmare Museum
Best Scare: Tom Whiffen and Dave Fisler: Clown Fun House
Best Walkby: Adam Nolin: The Maze
Best Rookie Guide: Fish Gianelli
Special Appreciation Award: Bob Shea

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