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2001 Haunted House Credits

2001 Haunted House Chairman: Tom Whiffen

Assistant Chairman and Master Prop Builder: Derek House

Treasurer- Lynda Walsh

Artwork- Ken Wills and Pauline Brown

Head Room Chair- Paul Lanza

Concessions- Elise Behn

Head Electrician: Dave Fisler

Head Guide- Robert Gillis

Guide Committee: Susan Gillis, Andrea Cummings, and Tami Comeau

Makeup- Lauren Bitar

Manpower- Sandy Smith

Construction and Maintenance- Kathy Brady

Procurement- Laureen House

Publicity- Tom Sawran

Web Site Designer- Robert Gillis

Mini-Haunt Chairman: Yvonne McNamara

T-Shirt Sales: Linda Magovern

Staff Meals- Karen Apgar and Doris Monet

Guides: Ted Ansink, Carl Bertolino (Chaos), Paula Bertolino, Dave Britton, Andrea Cummings, Sandy Emery, Steve Fruzzetti (Glitter Boy), Scott Frasu, Lynn Freerksen, David Fisler, Robert Gillis (Neo), Susan Gillis (Zowie/Spiderella), Rita Gould (Gabriella), Julie Grant, Chris Hebert, Laureen House (Raven), Paul Howard, Steve Krug, Kris Long, Frank Monet, Paul O’Sullivan, Patti O’Hara, Christina Pelland, Doris Pelland, Norm Pelland (Simon), Monica Rigamonti (Harmony), Jane Webster (Birdie), Nancy Williams (Wizard Chablis), Mike Wood, Judy Wood

Rooms / Walk-Byes:

Stargate Maze: Phil Wright and friends

Keeper of Lost Souls- James and Joe Gardener

Chateau de Vampris- Niki Melish

Torture Chamber- Ken Wills and Gerry McNamara

Bijou Graveyard- Lauren Bitar and Derek House

Unobtainium Mine- Tom Sawran and Lynda Walsh

Poe’s Crypt- Bob Hickey and Mark Emery
with Dave Brown and Keith Magovern and Scott Rogers

Prehistoric Cave- Bob Webster and Sandy Smith

W- Bill Wivell

Dread Pirate Wesley- George Gould / Joe Levasseur
with Bill Wivell

Spaceship- Paul Lanza and Steve Holtzman with Brendan Penttila

Graveyard- Dave Conti

Special thanks: Fred Badger, Dave Conti, Jett Pirtle, Adam Nolin, Krystle Goffredo, Bob Shea, Susan Gillis, Dave Brown, Alan Palo, Melissa Wivell, Justin Mercer, Adam Woodmansee, Jarod Pelland, Michele Rogers, Gayle Workman, Russ Neale, Cathy Hickey, Eric Behn, Linda Magovern, Andrea Reine, Thor Nielsen

Mini-Haunt Chairperson Yvonne McNamara would like to thank all those who brought the Walpole Mini-Haunt to Life: Bob Botehlo (Grandmama), Lori Bush (King Arthur’s Castle Greeter), Cameron Bush (Evil magic puppet boy), Mike Conroy (Jester), Dave Fisler, George Gould, Laureen House, Brian Kretchman (Chef), Gerry McNamara (Hunter), Brendan Penttila, Monica Rigamonti, Lee Rush (Madame Zora), Phil Wright


Best Guide: (tie) Jane Webster and Laureen House

Best Costumes: Nancy Williams

Best Guide Team: Monica Rigamonti and Carl Bertolino

Best Rookie Guide: Monica Rigamonti

Best Room: George Gould and Joe Levasseur: Pirate Wesley

Best Room Runner Up: Sandy Smith and Bob Webster: Prehistoric Cave

Best Scare: Sandy Smith and Bob Webster: Prehistoric Cave

Best Scare Runner Up: Phil Wright: Stargate

Most Creative: Paul Lanza and Steve Holtzman: Spaceship

Most Humorous: George Gould and Joe Levasseur: Pirate Wesley

Most Humorous Runner Up: Ken Wills and Gerry McNamara: Torture Chamber

Best New Type of Scare: Bob Hickey, Mark Emery and Keith Magovern: Poe’s Crypt

Most Improved (and most Gothic) Niki Melish: Chateau De Vampris

Best Performance and Most Enthusiasm by a non-Jaycee: Brendan Penttila

Mini Haunt Best Room: Mike Cameron (Jester) and Cameron Bush (Evil Magic Puppet Boy)

Mini Haunt Most Humorous: Bobby Botehlo: Grandmama

Mini Haunt Friendliest Room: Lee Rush: Madame Zora

Mini Haunt Best Guide (tie) Rita Gould and Laureen House

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