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2000 Haunted House Credits

2000 Haunted House Chairman: Fred Badger and Tom Whiffen

Artwork- Jennifer Morris

Concessions- Lynn Freerksen

Electrical- Dave Fisler

Head Guide- Paul O’Sullivan

Assistant Head Guide- Tami Comeau

Makeup- Lauren Bitar

Manpower- Sandy Smith

Parking and Security- Kevin Coleman

Procurement- Lynda Walsh

Publicity- Helene Savage

Room Chairman- Tom Sawran

Staff Meals- Karen Apgar

Treasurer- Michele Rogers

Webmaster- Robert Gillis

Guides: Carl Bertolino, Dave Britton, Dave Brown, Bill Byrnes, Andrea Cummings, Tami Comeau, Sandy Emery, Sheri Folsom, Joan Ferris, Robert Gillis, Susan Gillis, Rita Gould, Julie Grant, Chris Hebert, Paul Howard, Laureen House, Drew Hoyt, Steve Krug, Shannon Leary, Andrea and Brian McGuillicuddy, Bill Moore, Jen Morris, Patti O’Hara, Paul O’Sullivan, Doris Pelland, Norm Pelland, Scott Rogers, Helene Savage, Mona Viera, Nancy Williams, and Jane Webster

Rooms and Walk-Byes:

Entrance- Lauren Bitar

Bank: Niki Melish

Hunter’s shack: Keith Magovern

Barbershop: Ken Wills and Gerry McNamara

Stage-a-ma-coach: James and Joe Garner

Saloon: Tom Sawran and Lynda Walsh

Livery: Bob Hickey/Mark Emery

Smoke House

Little House Hanging: Bob Webster and Sandy Smith


Fort Blood: Derek House and Thor Nielsen

Train Station: Kathy and Pat Carter

Jail: Tom Whiffen and Paul Lanza

Special Thanks: Paula Bertolino, Kevin Coleman, Paul Dean, Sue Gillis, George Gould, Cathy Hickey, Sharyn Higginbotham, Roger Jallette, Joe Levasseur, Linda Magovern, Christina Pelland, Pete St. Laurent, Cathy Wilhelmi, Gayle Workman, Kate, Kendra, Krystie Apgar, Ryan Badger, Julia and Scott Barros, Nick Benziger, Josh Blanchard, Scott Bosworth, Krissy Britton, Derek Brodeur, David Carter, Marc Conant, Dean Connolly, Jim Creighton, Danielle Cummings, George Devlin, Jim Eastman, Elliot Ehrer, Mike Fleming, Brian Foster, Henry Foster, Rebecca Frechette, Tom Freeburn, Giraldo Giovanni, Krystle Goffredo, Calendon Hockley, Melissa Hebert, Steve Holtzman, Brian and Peter Jacobson, Brian Johnson, Ben Kelvey,Mike Krajzynski, Ron Lelonde, Steve Latham,Cat Lea, James Maleiko, Chris Malloy, Kelly Martelle, Amy McGillicuddy, Mike Melish, Leah Moore, Jessica Morley, Dennis Moulten, Thor Nielsen, Adam Nolin, The Rose Dewitt-Bukater Foundation, Travis O’Connell, Katie O’Hara, Gary Oliveira, Adam Ortiz, Brian Parker, Jared Pelland, Brendan Penttila, James Pereira, Thomas Andrews, Tim Phillips, Jett Pirtle, Pete Sheran, Steve Smith, Joel Somers, Maria St. Martin, Mike St. Laurent, Andre Vien, Dianna and Krissy Wall and Brad Wals


2000 Best Scare: The Jail (Paul Lanza / Tom Whiffen)

2000 Best Skit: Little House on the prairie (Bob Webster / Sandy Smith)

2000 Best Room: The Jail (Paul Lanza / Tom Whiffen)

2000 Best Guide: Tami Comeau

2000 Best Guide Honorable Mention: Jane Webster

2000 Best Guide Team: Shannon Leary and Bill Moore

2000 Best Dressed Guide: Nancy Williams

2000 Runner Up Best Dressed Guide: Laureen House

2000 Best Rookie: Norm Pelland

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