Patriots Super Bowl Rally 2017

THANK YOU to everyone who came out to the Foxboro Jaycees Rally for the New England Patriots on Super Bowl Eve, February 4, 2017! Several hundred people braved the frigid air to wish the home team success in the Super Bowl. State officials declared tomorrow is “New England Patriots Day” in Foxboro. Selectmen Chris Mitchell and Jim DeVellis and town manager Bill Keagan read proclamations as well as a letter from Representative Joe Kennedy.

Paul Feeney kept the crowd going with the music, the Elite Dancers and high school cheerleaders performed. Many people had signs or made signs, there was face painting, other activities, and Sparky the fire dog was there as well.

At the end, everyone was invited to gather at the bandstand for a video and the crowd shouted GO PATRIOTS WIN ONE MORE and went wild. That video (below) was edited immediately afterward by Foxboro Cable Access they sent this video greeting to the Patriots that evening so they could see it before playing in the Super Bowl!

Foxboro cable Access covered the entire event and all Boston news stations were all also present, along with reporters from various media including the Foxboro Reporter.


… And the next day, the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in the greatest comeback ever! Congratulations to the Patriots on the 5th Super Bowl Win!

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