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Foxboro Jaycees Welcome You!

In Loving Memory of Jack Authelet

The Foxboro Jaycees — past and present — always knew we could count on Jack Authelet for anything.   No one loved Foxboro more than Jack – no one – and he and his wife Marge were already making a difference in the community long before the Foxboro Jaycees arrived on the scene in 1961 and Jack continued to make that difference until his passing on September 18, 2023.

Jack’s service to, and his love for, Foxboro would fill volumes.   Newer members of the chapter may not know that Jack was an honorary Jaycee and listed on our roster as such for decades.

In speaking about the Foxboro Jaycees for the Cable Access Public Service Announcement Video, Jack said of the Foxboro Jaycees, “…In one word: ENERGY.”   He loved this group because our mission of community service was also HIS mission in life. 

Many Jaycees are blessed that he called us “friend.” 

To so many of us, he was a mentor and he was also one of the Jaycees’ greatest cheerleaders, praising us publicly and, when we sought him out, advising and counseling us with his wisdom, or helping us solve a problem.

Jack’s entire life was dedicated to others – his family first, and then the extended family of all of Foxboro – a very humble man who didn’t want any credit, but would do anything to ensure things got done, that people were helped, the red tape cut, that the difference was made.   

To any Jaycee who is seeking a role model, look no further than Jack.     Jack was always on the front lines, doing God’s work, and always encouraging others to do the same – living out the saying of doing all the good you can do for as long as you can do it.  

A remarkable man.  A remarkable life.  A life of service and family so very well lived.

We have lost one of the best of us, and will never forget the man who so embodied our creed that, “Service to Humanity is the best work of life.”

The Foxboro Jaycees loved you Jack, and we thank you for everything.   Rest in peace, God’s faithful servant, after a job so very well done.

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