The Jaycee Creed and Benediction

President: Father, we are united by a common bond of faith, that man lives by the will
of his God, that God’s will for man is good; and that the life worthwhile
is lived in harmony with His eternal plan because:

Response: We believe that faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life:

President: “Father, Man-made boundaries have been drawn, separating the human race
into many nations. But across these divisions there is evidence of man’s
universal brotherhood because:

Response: We believe that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of

President: Father, Where economic improvement has been greatest, man has been free
to follow his dreams of self improvement and self fulfillment because:

Response: We believe that economic justice can best be won by free men through
free enterprise:

President: Father, No one should be-above the law, and that the law should be the
same for all people, no matter what status they hold in society because:

Response: We believe that government should be of laws rather than of men:

President: Father, True treasure lies in the hearts of men. It’s not the quantity nor the
length of life that gives it zest, but the quantity of living, the
achievement we make in terms of human progress because:

Response: We believe that earth’s great treasure lies in human personality:

President: Father, Life lived unselfishly grows richer, deeper and fuller. Joy is more
enduring and peace of mind more certain. One knows in truth the
greater benefit has been his own because:

Response: We believe that service to humanity is the BEST WORK OF LIFE.

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