2003 Two Unforgettable Quotes

jaycee-sign-600-vert_0The Foxboro Jaycees have received countless instances of positive news coverage since their founding; but these two quotes are very dear to our hearts:

“Like most communities, we are fortunate to have a variety of civic and fraternal groups, each striving to make life better for the rest of us. None are more important than another, and all contribute to the small-town mosaic which we’ve inherited. In this pantheon, however, the Jaycees really do occupy a special place. If simply for their irrepressible spirit and determination to overcome adversity, the Jaycees really are the heart and soul of Foxboro.”
— Foxboro Reporter Editor Jeff Peterson, 11/1999.

“The Foxboro Jaycees … responded in a manner that can only be described in one word — total. There was an immediate infusion of man-hours almost beyond calculation. Whatever the need, there was someone to fill it. Whatever the cost, a way to meet it. Whatever the hurdle, a leap to get over it … With their unique combination of youth and energy, the Jaycees are everywhere as one detects a commonality of theme as members tend to be drawn to those projects that speak to the quality of life.”
— Town Historian Jack Authelet, 2003.

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