Advertise on our site

Dear friend of the Foxboro Jaycees,

We are writing to tell you about a new opportunity to help the community service works of the Jaycees. For the first time, we are offering advertisements on the front page of our web site.

Our website,, is viewed annually by nearly 50,000 people WORLDWIDE. You now have the opportunity to purchase a banner ad that will be displayed on the front page of the Jaycees web site. Our price is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than other website ads that last only a few days and cost hundreds of dollars.

While your ad runs, it’s accessible through all the major search engines (such as Google, Dogpile, Ask and Yahoo) and visible to every visitor to our web site. Plus, you generate good will as a sponsor of a community service organization as well.

A banner ad costs $59.95 for 180 days or $99.95 for one year. You provide the banner; and it includes a link back to your web site.

Some notes:

– Political or religious ads are not allowed. Inappropriate ads, sexually suggestive / explicit ads, ads that are not family-friendly, dedications, and memorials are not allowed. Any ad that we perceive to be in contrast to the Jaycee philosophy or potentially controversial will not be allowed.

– We reserve the right to reject any ad as inappropriate for any reason. You will not be charged if your ad is rejected.

– Ads are placed in the order we receive payment for said ad.

– A disclaimer runs on the Jaycee webpage that these are paid sponsor ads and that their placement does not constitute an endorsement by the Foxboro Jaycees. All checks should be made payable to “Foxboro Jaycees”

Example banner ads (these are just random examples)

You can place the ad for as long as you like. To place an ad, please call the Jaycees at 508-543-0712 or email Once your ad is approved, payment must be sent to Foxboro Jaycees, PO Box 169, Foxboro, Mass. 02035.

That’s it! Your paid ad will help the Jaycees continue to make a difference in the community. We would greatly appreciate your consideration in placing an ad on our site.

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