Project Chairman- Fred Badger
Assistant Chairman- Tom Whiffen
Artwork- Jennifer Morris
Concessions- Lynn Freerksen
Electrical- Dave Fisler
Head Guide- Paul O'Sullivan
Assistant Head Guide- Tami Comeau
Makeup- Lauren Bitar
Manpower- Sandy Smith
Parking & Security- Kevin Coleman
Procurement- Lynda Walsh
Publicity- Helene Savage
Room Chairman- Tom Sawran
Staff Meals- Karen Apgar
Treasurer- Michele Rogers
Webmaster- Robert Gillis


Entrance- Lauren Bitar
Cabin 1- Nicki Melish/Brian Parker (Bank)
1W- Keith Magovern (Hunter's shack)
Cabin 2- Ken Wills & Gerry McNamara (Barbershop)
James and Joe Garner (Stage-a-ma-coach)
Cabin 3- Tom Sawran & Lynda Walsh (Saloon)
Cabin 4- Bob Hickey/Mark Emery (Livery)
3W- Smoke House
Cabin 5- Bob Webster & Sandy Smith (Little House)
4W- Mineshaft
Cabin 6- Derek House & Thor Neilson (Fort Blood)
5W- Kathy & Pat Carter (Train Station)
Cabin 7- Tom Whiffen and Paul Lanza (Jail)
(W= Walk-by)

Carl Bertolino, Dave Britton, Dave Brown,
Bill Byrnes, Andrea Cummings, Tami Comeau,
Sandy Emery, Sheri Folsom, Joan Ferris,
Robert Gillis, Susan Gillis, Rita Gould,
Julie Grant, Chris Hebert, Paul Howard,
Laureen House, Drew Hoyt, Steve Krug,
Shannon Leary, Andrea & Brian McGuillicuddy,
Bill Moore, Jen Morris, Patti O'Hara,
Paul O'Sullivan, Doris Pelland, Norm Pelland,
Scott Rogers, Helene Savage, Mona Viera,
Nancy Williams, and Jane Webster


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      Remember: This is an ARCHIVE page! The Foxboro Jaycees no longer run a haunted house.
      The Foxboro Jaycees Haunted House ran from 1989 to 2007 and closed for good after the 2007 season. This is an ARCHIVE page and presented here as a souvenir of the glory days of the Jaycee Haunt. If you arrived here to this web page after the year 2007, please note that we don't do the haunted house anymore -- the prices, phone numbers, links, this page itself are all here for archival, souvenir, and entertainment purposes only. That said, we encourage you to patronize YOUR favorite haunted houses (we still do!) It takes a lot of work to put on a haunted house, and whether the haunts you visit are fund-raisers or commercial enterprises, you can show your support by patronizing these great haunts all over the world! Also, the Foxboro Jaycees continue to be VERY active in Foxboro and run a variety of community development projects all year! Please check us out at!