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    Welcome to the 14th annual Foxboro Jaycees haunted house, "Nightmares on Oak Street." We are Foxboro's original haunt, and we feature a guided tour through the eerie woods of Foxboro as well as seven haunted cabins, and various terrors along the way. We are the largest not-for-profit Haunt in New England. We are all volunteers. Our haunt is our biggest fundraiser of the year and ALL (yes, ALL) of our proceeds go back into the community. By visiting the Jaycee haunted house, you help us make possible our multitude of community services, as well as scholarships, donations, and far more. At $10.00, we are SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive then those other "pretender" haunted houses out there. Our parking is free. We're easy to find (CLICK HERE for directions). Most importantly, we'll make you laugh and scare the hell out of you! (Our haunt is VERY scary and not recommended for kids under 10.) Come see us; we're dying to meet you. For everything you need to know about our haunted house, you can CLICK HERE. Want to email us? CLICK HERE! Otherwise, please enjoy our new haunted house web pages!

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      Committee The heart and soul of the haunted house; the committee -- led by the chairman -- coordinate every aspect of our haunted house: finances and budget, writing a script, supervising construction, obtaining the proper permits, finding and purchasing needed construction supplies and props, makeup, cleaning, painting, cleaning up the vampire cabin after a fresh kill, publicity, graphics, web design, manpower, concessions, landscaping, plumbing, electrical, ticket sales, and about a zillion other logistic concerns. Each committee member is responsible for a specific area of our haunt, and several of these areas (for example, publicity) require sub-committees to get all the work done! Reading this roster, you can appreciate what a massive undertaking out Haunted House really is. We're very proud of our committee and the impressive haunted house they have produced.

      Derek House
      2002 Haunted House Chairman
      , chief architect, and author of this insidious plot to establish the most bloodcurdling and terrifying Jaycee haunted house in all history!

      Kathy Brady
      KB is the assistant haunted house chairman. She hasn't slept since June. At this point, even her hallucinations are exhausted.

      Mark and Sandy Emery
      Keepers of the unholy blood money.

      Steve Fruzzetti
      Also known as Glitter Boy the Vampire Slave, Young Steven is also the chapter money launderer. Nightly, he also enters the Haunted House data into his HAL-9000 laptop and plots world domination and dreams of Vampires.

      Phil Wright
      Phil is responsible for Construction, Destruction, and Maintenance. Only one photograph of him is known to exist. He tells us he often paddles a canoe upstairs until the handlebars break, and knows exactly how many pancakes it takes to shingle an elephant. Phil is strange, even by Jaycee standards.

      Dave Conti
      Technical Design, Evil Costumes, Scary Props. Dave is REALLY REALLY into Halloween. He owns caskets, $4000 Halloween costumes, and every day is Halloween at Dave's house! We worry about Dave. Not as much as we worry about Phil, but we still worry.

      Bob Webster
      Creative Director of the Rooms, former reverend, created "Guide Training" (we have him to blame) and Foiled Hunter of the Velociraptor Kruga.

      Tom Sawran
      Publicity, Media Saturation, Evil Propaganda, Ghost of the tavern, ghost of the stage-a-ma-coach, ghost of the theater, ghost of the mine, ghost of the dean's office.

      Susan Gillis
      Publicity Committee Co-Chair, creator and provider of all Mini-Haunt meals, Puffin Vixin, yells a lot. Despite evidence to the contrary, denies she is a vampire. Her husband is a great man who is often misunderstood.

      Tami Comeau
      Creative Director of the Guides, she was a demi-goddess worshipped by the Hittites, Mesopotamians and the Sumerians. Tami, a Minion of Gozer the Destructor, has returned to rule this planet and also to write a hell of a good guide script.

      Yvonne (YA-VONNE) McNamara
      First dominatrix of the chapter, Yvonne is also handling publicity things. Gerry and Yvonne's son will be Jaycee chapter president when he turns 21 in 2023.

      Elise Behn
      Procurement (Scavenger of lost souls and fallen angels) and keeper of the "Days of Our Lives" archives.

      Sandy Smith
      Manpower (ensures we have enough people to work the house, usually threatens violence). Also known as Cassie and Miss Primrose. Keeps losing her pet hamster, Harry.

      Laureen House
      She commands the membership booth at the haunted house. A damn sexy vampire. Never say "Bite Me," to Laureen.

      Helene Savage
      Savage Concessions (Candy, soda, popcorn, spider blood). She offers a 10% discount on all poison apples! Other selections will include Salmon, Filet Mignons Lili, Lamb, Mint Sauce, Roast Duckling, Sirloin of Beef, and Chateau Potatoes. (* Disclaimer: Selections subject to change without notice, void in Foxboro).

      Kris Long
      Kris is handling Community Relations Sales; she is also chairing our breakup party (the gathering where we dismember the bodies).

      The Unsinkable Lauren Bitar
      Her horror makeup design features truth but no logic. LB also does nightmarish prop creation, a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes work, and there is a certain Eleanor Roosevelt quality to her. She died on the Titanic when she was 17

      Linda Magovern
      The ever-enthusiastic Linda is once again handling T-Shirt sales, hiding from evil squirrels and championing the rights of bear-costume wearing people everywhere.

      Carl Bertolino
      Nightly Dinner Coordinator / Chef. Carl (or Chaos, as he likes to be called when he guides) works very hard nightly to cook and provide the meal we enjoy after the house closes for the night. He puts a lot of thought and effort into the menu, does the prep, cooking, and cleaning, and gives us a nice change from pizza every night.

      Karen Apgar
      Nightly Break Food Coordinator - Another alumni feeder of hungry Jaycees, Karen's nightly break meals help ensure we don't have to feed on our patrons (much). For opening night dinner, Karen will serve Chicken Lyonnaise, Roast Duckling, Cold Asparagus Vinaigrette Peaches in Chartreuse Jelly, and lamb with very little mint sauce. If you join the Jaycees you can have meals like this every night too! (* Disclaimer: Selections subject to change without notice, void in Foxboro).

      Bob "Raven" Gillis
      Just the other night he was sleeping under a bridge, and now here he is, part of the grandest haunted house in the world. Very ticklish and a favorite target of maze monsters, Bob's the Foxboro Jaycees Web Site Designer, Vampire apprentice (rarely sleeps and likes the gothic look), Graphics Jedi, Awarded Best Guide zero years in a row, and everyone agrees there is something VERY wrong with him.




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      Remember: This is an ARCHIVE page! The Foxboro Jaycees no longer run a haunted house.
      The Foxboro Jaycees Haunted House ran from 1989 to 2007 and closed for good after the 2007 season. This is an ARCHIVE page and presented here as a souvenir of the glory days of the Jaycee Haunt. If you arrived here to this web page after the year 2007, please note that we don't do the haunted house anymore -- the prices, phone numbers, links, this page itself are all here for archival, souvenir, and entertainment purposes only. That said, we encourage you to patronize YOUR favorite haunted houses (we still do!) It takes a lot of work to put on a haunted house, and whether the haunts you visit are fund-raisers or commercial enterprises, you can show your support by patronizing these great haunts all over the world! Also, the Foxboro Jaycees continue to be VERY active in Foxboro and run a variety of community development projects all year! Please check us out at