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Still with us?  Only have 30 seconds? No problem! Foxboro Jaycees, Foxboro's Original Haunt.  An indoor/outdoor walking guided tour (in groups of 10) set in an abandoned scout camp in the woods. Visit 13 sites and cabins filled with scenes from your worst nightmares. A live-action 25 minute show with more than 50 actors, ghosts and ghouls over a three acre course. A most professional all-volunteer show in our 15th year.  All proceeds go back to the community.  Only $9.  Free parking. Concessions and facilities available. Directions: Route 95 to Exit 8 towards Foxboro, left at blinker on Oak St. 2 miles (well signed) 
2003 ShowDates: Oct 10 (Fri), Oct 11 (Sat), Oct 12 (Sun), Oct 17 (Fri), Oct 18 (Sat), Oct 19 (Sun), Oct 24 (Fri), Oct 25 (Sat), Oct 26 (Sun), Oct 28 (Tue), Oct 29 (Wed), Oct 30 (Thur). Open 7pm-11pm Friday and Saturday and 7pm-10pm other nights.  
Call us at (508) 543-0712 or during October at 508-543-9530. 

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"The creativeness that flows through this house is just incredible, considering that we are all "amateurs" and have careers in different fields. I always enjoy the member's creativeness when it comes to their costumes and characters.  One [night] that stands out was when Kane Hodder "Jason" showed up and gave some real positive feedback after his trip through the house, it was a proud moment for the Foxboro Jaycees to have an actor with his stature tell us, we've really done a great job."
            --- Lynda Walsh,
            1999 Haunted House Chairman, 
            "Camp Fright"

"Through the Haunted House I have seen firsthand what the money that is raises does; we have touched so many lives over the years. The people that benefit from the work we do, the friendships I have made, and the satisfaction I personally receive from entertaining people all keep me coming back every night. ... By giving it 110% night after night I feel we accomplish a great show for the patrons.  I enjoy the way the house has evolved from the old days and how the people are constantly striving to make both the work and the show more enjoyable."
             --- Derek House, 
            2002 Haunted House Chairman, 
            "Nightmares on Oak Street."

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"The fact that several members have celebrated 10-year anniversaries at the Haunted House is a bit overwhelming. I do remember the year I did the "Silence of the Lambs" theme.  I asked Ed Groh, my understudy for many years, to fill in for me. Ed was in the cage as expected and did a wonderful job as Dr. Hannibal Lector. However, when the lights went on they revealed the fact that Ed had put the mask on upside down! Luckily many people didn't notice but I certainly did and made sure that Ed knew about it too!"
            --- Fred Badger,
            2000 Haunted House Chairman, 
            "Frontier Fright"

"It's amazing how by mid to late October one hundred or so overly exhausted human beings can exert the kind of inspired energy that can keep hundreds of people entertained night after night. And the friendship we all share just keeps growing closer and closer. Perhaps its because we know all the good things we will do for the town with the money."
             --- Paul O'Sullivan, 
            (Paul has roles in nearly all Jaycee haunts)

"...Seeing the crowds was a real thrill - a thrill I still feel every night that I work the House!   ... Although the work is extremely tough and the nights can be long, there's the knowledge that every single paying customer equals a portion of our community budget.  I view everything we do that benefits our community as being made possible by our fund raisers, with the House being the largest contributor to our annual budget... I remember making what I assume will be life-long friendships, especially with the guy whom I have been doing a room with for the last five consecutive years. I remember all of the kids around town who came out to play with / volunteer with us out in the old Courtyard who are now grown up and still call my name when I see them around town."
             --- Bob Hickey, 
            who has run a room with the honorable 
            Mark Emery for seven years.

"It's a chance to entertain people doing something that I really enjoy and what better way to give back to your community through a charity than doing something you enjoy. When you see people who are glued to your every word and action, smiling, hiding and especially screaming because you have tapped into their emotions and succeeded in giving them what they paid to see... that is the reward that keeps you coming back. It seems every year as an actor you want to outdo the year before by putting on a better show for the patrons." 
            ---Tom Whiffen
            2001 Haunted House Chairman,
            "Travel through Time"


"Whenever I see something in the press, or hear someone refer to the Jaycees, I feel a strong sense of accomplishment for what the chapter has done for our community and the respect that our community has shown to us. ... Equally significant is the strong feeling of camaraderie that is felt with each house. You have to experience the joy of our guests responding with compliments or just plain, good old screams, laughs, cringing, etc. It's very stimulating to have a group be so thrilled, so scared!"
             --- Paul Lanza
            2003 Haunted House Chairman, 
            "Jungle Horror"


"For one short time during the year, we allow ourselves to let loose and be someone else. Since it is for a good cause, it more or less makes it acceptable to be a kid again. So many of us live such busy, stressful, hectic lives that the release that this allows is therapeutic. I think that is why I enjoy is so much. That and the camaraderie that has developed over the years. There are people I only socialize with during that one period of time and it is like renewing old friendships once a year." 
             --- Sandy Smith
            Involved with every Haunted House    
            since 1989

"I admit it's an obsession.  I admit that I started this year's haunted house graphics in February, that I have a crush on Holly Marie Combs and that I am a vampire wannabee. In the 10 years I have been in the Jaycees, I have learned management training, self-confidence, and true leadership skills -- and I've made lasting friendships I treasure.  I love this group, I love being a Jaycee, and for me, participating in the haunted house is not only dressing up and acting crazy -- it's making a difference in Foxboro.  Besides, scaring a so-called "brave" person -- man, it doesn't get any better than that."
              --- Robert Gillis
              Jaycee webmaster and the guide formerly known as Neo

    It takes a lot of people to create and support a haunted house like ours. The Foxboro Jaycees wish to thank the following businesses, organizations, individuals, Temporal Cold War veterans, helpers, constructionists, demolitionists, friends and vampires for their assistance in making our haunt a reality:  (These names are now on the "credits" page")

We remember George "Chico" Diccio and Peter Jamieson, two Jaycees who were fixtures at the Haunted House for years.  Both passed away in 2000, and we sincerely miss them and pray they rest in peace.

JAYCEES SERVING OUR COUNTRY: We are very grateful to Jaycees Ed
Groh and Greg Dickerman, both who are overseas protecting our freedom. 

Foxboro Jaycees Haunted House 
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HH Opening Night! 7pm-11pm

Mini Haunt 10am-4:30pm
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HH Open 7pm-11pm

Mini Haunt 10am-4:30pm
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HH Open 7pm-11pm

Mini Haunt 10am-4:30pm
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HH Open 7pm-10pm


HH Open 7pm-10pm

HH Open 7pm-10pm

HH Open 7pm-10pm




Welcome to the Foxboro Jaycees Haunted House!  We are Foxboro's ORIGINAL Haunted House, and we feature an indoor/outdoor walking guided tour (in groups of 10) set in an abandoned scout camp in the woods. Visit 13 sites and cabins filled with scenes from your worst nightmares. A live-action 25 minute show with more than 50 actors, ghosts and ghouls over a three acre course. A most professional all-volunteer show in our 15th year. All Volunteer.  All proceeds go back to the community.  Only $9.  Free parking. Concessions and facilities available.  We're easy to find.   100% of our profits directly benefit the community.  We WILL scare you, make you laugh, and give you a great show, but... our haunt is VERY scary and intense, and not recommended for kids under 10.  Now, let us seek the answers to some of the great Jaycee cosmic questions together... Don't be afraid, just like becoming a vampire, it only hurts for a little while...

Why do all the Jaycees descend on Camp Lincoln Hill every August and work day and night for two and a half months to create a Haunted House?  
The Jaycees' haunt is our biggest fundraiser of the year and ALL (yes, ALL) of our proceeds go back into the community. By visiting the Jaycee Haunted House, you help us make possible our multitude of community services, as well as scholarships, donations, and far more. 

What else does the Haunted House make possible?
The Serve food co-op, concerts on the common, Senior Appreciation Day, National Family Night Out, sand for seniors, CYO basketball clinic, New Year's first baby awards, Easter egg hunt, pancake breakfast to benefit Foxboro Youth Basketball, many Founders Day activities, blood drives, teddy bear delivery to traumatized children, moving senior citizens in need of assistance, Family Talk (a program to discourage underage drinking), mothers / fathers day activities, as well as Christmas activities such as tree sales, Santa on the common, and refurbishing and setting up the nativity set, as well as nearly 100 other community development, individual development and membership projects.   When you buy a ticket to our Haunted House, a Jaycee glow-stick on Founder's Day, some ice cream or popcorn at our free summer concerts, or one of our Christmas trees in December, you put money back into Foxboro. And unlike those "OTHER" Haunted Houses out there, we're MUCH less expensive and all our proceeds directly benefit the community!   Jaycees don't make a profit on these events. We do it for you, Foxboro. And we're all volunteers.

How many people visit the Jaycee Haunted House each year? 
As many as 8,000.

Is the Jaycee Haunted House Scary? 
OF COURSE it's SCARY.  Hence the term, "Haunted House."  On previous journeys, evil clowns terrorized us.  A Nightmare Museum unleashed Ultimate Evil.  A misguided doll-maker lost her life to her own creation.  A rain forest official lost his head, literally. Long dead kings decapitated screaming victims. A camp chef served up eyeball soup and rat surprise. A captured extraterrestrial escaped Area 51. A jealous husband hanged Cassie, his cheating wife. The insane cannibal Colonel Lee Johnson broke out of jail to continue his murderous rampage. An annoying bear was murdered by 130 angry Jaycees. An evil mine god brought chaos through a mysterious element called Unobtainium. Aliens landed at Roswell and decapitated helpless abductees. The crypt of Edgar Allen Poe brought new meaning to terror. The Chateau de Vampris vampires fed their queen the blood of screaming victims. Glitter Boy the Vampire slave begged to be sacrificed to the queen of the fallen angels. Pictures, tables and other objects came flying at us. Sometimes, even the walls seemed to be moving.  Peanuts!  We've had brushes with insane murderers, crazed camp counselors, raving corn farmers, ax-wielding mayors, bizarre counterparts of the New England Patriots, doctors wielding chain saws, serial killers, and even more terrifying encounters with supernatural beings like Dracula and the Devil himself. We've encountered ghosts in taverns, nautical museums, movie theatres, and a stage-a-ma-coach. Even the most benign looking places--a dining room, a bedroom, a barbershop, an old saloon, a poker game, a starship bridge, a fortune teller room, a Laundromat or a basement workshop--hold unspeakable terrors.

How big an effort is the Jaycees Haunted House?
It's a HUGE endeavor.  Every summer we arrive at Camp Lincoln Hill and begin two months of work. We clean. We landscape. We have committee meetings. We choose a theme (in 2003, the theme will be Jungle Horror) We began planning the scares for each cabin and walk by. We begin sawing. Hammering. Raking. Wiring. Cleaning. Painting. Refurbishing. We spend the summer creating our illusions. The script is written. Costumes are assembled and purchased. Concessions are readied. Speakers are wired. The atomic pile is recharged.  Entire cabins are restructured. Hundreds of gallons of paint and dozens of panels of sheet rock, and countless stacks of lumber are used in construction. We dig out our props and begin incorporating them into our sets. We hide the bodies where they will never be found.  We make new props. The electrical wiring needs are implemented. We rehearse. We advertise. We consume a lot of potato chips and soda... We work very late into the night...

And then?

...And in October, we open for business for 12 nights. We won't get much sleep, but we'll enjoy our time scaring thousands of people and helping our community. We'll take you on our horror tour through the crisp fall air. We hope you scream, and we hope you laugh. We've worked over two months to give you a terrific show. We always impress!   

How do I get to the Jaycee Haunted House?
We're easy to find. We're located at Camp Lincoln Hill Foxboro, 156 Oak Street.  Take Mass Route 95 to Exit 8 (Mechanic Street Foxboro) and turn onto Oak Street, we are 1.5 miles on the left.  Click here for directions to the Foxboro Jaycees Haunted House.

How much is the Jaycees Haunted House?
Still only $9.00.  We are SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than those other Haunted Houses out there.  And in 2003, you can get a dollar off admission and pay only $8.00 if you print out the coupon by clicking HERE.  Wasn't that nice of us?  We thought that was really nice of us.

When are you open in 2003?

2003 Show Dates: Opening Night is Oct 10 (Fri), then Oct 11 (Sat), Oct 12 (Sun), Oct 17 (Fri), Oct 18 (Sat), Oct 19 (Sun), Oct 24 (Fri), Oct 25 (Sat), Oct 26 (Sun), Oct 28 (Tues), Oct 29 (Wed), Oct 30 (Thurs).  We're open 7-11pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 7-10pm other nights.

Do use strobe lights in your haunt?

Yes -- beware that we use strobe lights and fog machines in our Haunt.  Our research has proven that only 1 in 9 people will go insane and burst into flames when exposed to these lights, so the odds are in your favor! 

What's the Jaycee's phone number? 

The number at the Haunted House is (508) 543-9530, and the regular Jaycees number is (508) 543-0712, or email us by clicking here

How much is parking?
Our parking is free.  Isn't that nice of us?  We thought it was really nice of us.

Are all Jaycees Vampires?
No, but the best room people and coolest guides are invariably vampires.  Most us were made into vampires by the one named "Niki," or as she prefers to be called, "Mistress Lynx."  

What star did Krypton orbit?
Krypton, about 50 light years from Earth, orbited the red dwarf star Rao.

Isn't it true that your haunted house is really just a front to distract humans from realizing that the Jaycees are in fact the leaders of a massive shadow conspiracy created after the Roswell UFO crash of 1947 whose sole purpose is in fact to pave the way for the extraterrestrial invasion in 2012 and seat the Jaycees as supreme rulers of Planet Earth?
Ummm... Uh... Hey, did I mention the dollar off coupon? You can print the coupon by clicking HERE

Have any Jaycees guides ever been convicted of murdering unruly haunted house patrons?
Convicted? No.

Do you offer anything for little kids to enjoy Halloween?
Yes!  We offer a second Haunted House; our kid-friendly Mini-haunt at the Walpole Mall! Our Mini-Haunted House is a less intense, less scary, kid-friendly version of our award-winning Haunted House in Foxboro. This Mini-Haunt is also created and staffed by the Foxboro Jaycees and is our way of helping the little ones celebrate Halloween without them being too scared (or traumatized). We don't want the little ones to have bad dreams! The Mini Haunt is a guided tour through an entire haunted store, and is far more "cute" than scary.

When is the Mini-haunt open?
The Foxboro Jaycees Mini-Haunted House is open every Saturday and Sunday in October 2003 (Saturday 10:00am-4:30pm, Sunday 12:00pm-4:30pm). Price is only $3, and ALL proceeds go back to the local community through the Foxboro Jaycees.

How do I get to the Mini-haunt?
To get to the Walpole Mall: From the North, take route 95 South, exit number 10. Take a right; after a quarter mile Walpole Mall will be on your right. From the South, take route 95 exit number 9 to Route 1 south for about 1.8 miles. Walpole Mall will be on your right. Our donated store is next to Jo-Ann Fabrics and across from Barnes & Noble. If you walk in the mall, you want to walk down the corridor, take a left (opposite side of Kohl's). The Mini-Haunt store is near the end of the corridor on the right hand side.

Remember: This is an ARCHIVE page! The Foxboro Jaycees no longer run a haunted house.
The Foxboro Jaycees Haunted House ran from 1989 to 2007 and closed for good after the 2007 season. This is an ARCHIVE page and presented here as a souvenir of the glory days of the Jaycee Haunt. If you arrived here to this web page after the year 2007, please note that we don't do the haunted house anymore -- the prices, phone numbers, links, this page itself are all here for archival, souvenir, and entertainment purposes only. That said, we encourage you to patronize YOUR favorite haunted houses (we still do!) It takes a lot of work to put on a haunted house, and whether the haunts you visit are fund-raisers or commercial enterprises, you can show your support by patronizing these great haunts all over the world! Also, the Foxboro Jaycees continue to be VERY active in Foxboro and run a variety of community development projects all year! Please check us out at!