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Still with us?  Only have 30 seconds? No problem! Foxboro Jaycees, Foxboro's Original Haunt.  An indoor/outdoor walking guided tour (in groups of 10) set in an abandoned scout camp in the woods. Visit 13 sites and cabins filled with scenes from your worst nightmares. A live-action 25 minute show with more than 50 actors, ghosts and ghouls over a three acre course. A most professional all-volunteer show in our 16th year.  All proceeds go back to the community.  Only $10.00.  MC/VISA accepted (cash too).  Free parking. Concessions and facilities available. Directions: Route 95 to Exit 8 towards Foxboro, left at blinker on Oak St. 2 miles (well signed) 

2004 Show Dates: October 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, 30.  Open 7pm-11pm Friday and Saturday and 7pm-10pm other nights.  

Call us at (508) 543-0712 or during October at 508-543-9530. 

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 We are the Foxboro Jaycees... We are a dynamic and enthusiastic group who are both proud and excited to be celebrating our 44th Anniversary in 2004.  We provide civic service through the organized efforts of the people of the community and promote the welfare of Foxboro and its citizens through active, constructive projects. We also provide our membership training in leadership and civic consciousness.  We make friends.  We learn managerial, project and people skills.  We grow.  We help people.  We make our community better and have a lot of fun along the way!



We are the Foxboro Jaycees... We are responsible for a multitude of Foxboro community service projects, such as our annual haunted house fund-raiser (Since 1989, Foxboro's original haunt!) the 5K fun run for charity, the summer concerts on the common, Senior Appreciation Day, National Family Night Out (an annual multi-group event to help keep kids off drugs), sand for seniors, basketball clinic, New Year's First baby awards, Easter egg hunt, pancake breakfast to benefit Foxboro Youth Basketball, many Founders Day activities, blood drives, Teddy bear delivery to traumatized children, moving senior citizens in need of assistance, Family Talk (a program to discourage underage drinking), mother's / father's day activities, as well as Christmas activities such as Christmas tree sales , Santa on the common , decorating the common with Christmas lights, and refurbishing and setting up the nativity set.


We are the Foxboro Jaycees.  We donate money to over 26 different charities, needy individuals, athletes and human service organizations. We donate thousands (thousands!) of dollars to the Foxboro Discretionary Fund, Fireworks committee, Foxboro High School college bound seniors, South Foxboro Community Club and various sports leagues in Foxboro.  

We are the Foxboro Jaycees.  Around Foxboro, we are also actively involved helping other worthwhile causes, such as the Cable Auction to benefit the Doolittle Home, Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk, Foxboro Human Services, the William Palladino Memorial Scholarship Foundation Community Spelling Bee, Foxboro Council on Aging, Boyden Library , Relay for Life , Rodman Ride for kids, Junior Chamber Family AIDS Network, and much more. We built the Foxboro Common Bandstand and refurbish it. We led the drive to build the Bill Hyland Memorial Rink.  We coordinated and built the Payson Road Playground.

We are the Foxboro Jaycees.   Since our creation, there have been over 750 individuals who've dedicated time and energy empowering the Foxboro Jaycees to succeed.  The current Foxboro Jaycee chapter is stronger than ever and we are always looking for additional people to become involved. We encourage you to come to one of our general meetings or events and see what we're all about! You can also call us at (508) 543-0712 or write to FOXBORO JAYCEES, PO Box 169, Foxboro, Massachusetts 02035 for more information.  You will also find a comprehensive guide to EVEYTHING we do on this web site.  To go to the site map for our web site (a guide to the entire site) CLICK HERE   



We are the Foxboro Jaycees.  We welcome you to attend one (or more!) of our GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS, which are held at the South Foxboro Community Center (382 South Street, Corner of South and North Grove Streets) in Foxboro, on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm.  Anyone 21 or older is welcome to attend.  CLICK HERE for directions to the South Foxboro Community Center

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And remember: "We believe that strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.  Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.  Well, but you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just 'cause some watery tart threw a sword at you! I mean, if I went 'round saying I was an emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, they'd put me away!"

Remember: This is an ARCHIVE page! The Foxboro Jaycees no longer run a haunted house.
The Foxboro Jaycees Haunted House ran from 1989 to 2007 and closed for good after the 2007 season. This is an ARCHIVE page and presented here as a souvenir of the glory days of the Jaycee Haunt. If you arrived here to this web page after the year 2007, please note that we don't do the haunted house anymore -- the prices, phone numbers, links, this page itself are all here for archival, souvenir, and entertainment purposes only. That said, we encourage you to patronize YOUR favorite haunted houses (we still do!) It takes a lot of work to put on a haunted house, and whether the haunts you visit are fund-raisers or commercial enterprises, you can show your support by patronizing these great haunts all over the world! Also, the Foxboro Jaycees continue to be VERY active in Foxboro and run a variety of community development projects all year! Please check us out at!

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