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In Loving Memory of George “Chico” DiCicco

It is with great sadness
that the Foxboro Jaycees announce
the death of a beloved member

George “Chico” DiCicco
who died June 21, 2002

George "Chico" DiCicco


On September 30, 2002, the Jaycees made a donation of $500 in Chico’s name to the Rodman Ride for Kids, an organization dear to him.


Some Jaycees remember our friend Chico…

  • Nancy Williams – I remember him well. I remember how he showed up at the Haunted House shortly after donating a kidney to his daughter, Tina. I said “What are you doing here so soon?” His reply? “I couldn’t stay away!” said with that easy grin of his. I remember also when we all went by bus to Foxwoods. We all got $10 dollars of gambling money included with the package. Within 5 minutes of arriving there, Chico had turned the $10 into $200. He was so excited and happy. I can still remember his face when he was telling us about his good luck. How sad that such a vibrant man was destined to pass from us at such a young age. We will all miss him.
  • Dave Britton – He was a great guy and personal friend with a heart of gold of whom I had the pleasure to know and work with on major projects
  • Bob Gillis – I used to run into Chico at the 12pm Mass at Saint Mary’s. He was so full of life, so happy with the way things were going. He was a great help at the Sunday mass, taking collections, ushering, doing whatever was needed. He was an integral part of the Foxboro Jaycees for many years, running or participating in all our projects, especially the Haunted House and the fun run. When the Jaycees ran the 5K fun run to benefit Chico’s daughter Tina, Chico was going around personally thanking all of us while the race was still going on. Chico was truly a “good guy.” He loved Foxboro, he loved the community and he was a dear friend to many. I really liked Chico, and I pray he will rest in peace.
  • Julie Grant – What I remember most of him is that he was always so friendly and full of life. I remember him also working so hard in recent years that he told me he regretted not being around as much. It is so painful to think of him not being able to bounce around and talk to everyone. The absence of his presence will hang over us for a long time.
  • Helene Savage – I feel privileged to have known him for the past five years. He was a great guy who would give you the shirt off of his back. He was enthusiastic, full of life, and always willing to help out. He was a lot of fun to be around, and will be sadly missed by all of his Jaycee friends

We received the following from Tina DiCicco and she asked that it be forwarded to all Jaycees:

  • Dear Foxboro Jaycees, This is Tina DiCicco, and I went to your web site for a email address and I found a wonderful memorial to my father. Thank you so very much for remembering my dad like this it means so much to see things like this. I might be crying right now but that comes and goes. Thank you so much for attending the wake and everything else you have done for my dad. I know all of you were a very close group of friends. I know he will be missed by not just me but by alot of people. Thank you so very much for what you have done for me and my family in need. Here is my address and phone number, and email address. Please can you pass this on to the rest of the Jaycees and also if anyone would like to donate in my father’s memory please donate to the Kidney Foundation.

Tina sent this at Christmas time…

  • Dear Jaycees, this is Tina DiCicco, I am writing to wish everyone on the Jaycees a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This is my new email address. I am doing well, I miss my dad alot even more so because I usually celebrate Christmas Eve with my dad at his friends house. This is when I would meet him over his house and we would exchange presents and off we would go to his friends house. This year I will still be going to my dad’s friends house to keep the tradition going as my dad would want me too. But it won’t be the same, I will be at the house thinking of my dad and years passed. I really miss my father, and I wish he was here with me, family and friends. But I know that it was his time to leave us to do his work with God. He is always with me and everyone he knew, he is in our hearts. I really want to thank you all for everything you have done for me and for my father. He loved the Jaycees, he loved working for the people of Foxboro and more. I know that he will be missed by all. Today I went to my dad’s grave and I sat there and put up a little Christmas Tree, and some flowers. I sat there and prayed that he is okay, and is watching over all of us who loved him. I know he is. I have only been back to my dad’s grave 4 times since he passed. It is still hard for me to go there. It is getting a little easier, that is a sign I am excepting losing my dad a lot better. But I know it will always be hard on me. I sent a card and a letter out on Saturday, I hope you receive it before Christmas. Thank you for everything, have a Merry Christmas! Love Always, Tina DiCicco
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