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“A JCI senator is a recognized international member of an elite group of people that have broadened both themselves and their communities by promoting the full spectrum of being a Jaycee. Local chapter “nominate” individuals who have gone above and beyond the normal scope of being a chapter member and the state Senate committee must approve or deny the application based on the information that they gather. In the past the senate was reserved for members who had aged out and where deemed to be a valuable asset to continuing the Jaycee movement, however, there is no specific age put on the membership of the senators.

The Massachusetts JCI Senate was established as a resource for current Jaycees to go to for advice and guidance when working on Jaycee projects. The Senate does not run community based project, nor do they provide allotted manpower, they will provide guidance and support during your project, or in the planning of your project. The senate is an overall reference to all aspects of your project and have a great deal of experience in all types of Jaycee projects and problem solving. Does this mean they don’t show up at your project? No, it means that if you were doing a recruitment project they would show up and help teach you how to recruit and best ways to do so. By no means would they not man the recruiting both, but they find it more beneficial to teach others how to do what they already know how to do.

Being a JCI senator means that you have been recognized for the countless hours you have spent working in your community, and for your community. It means that all the hard work you did, because you wanted to, was recognized by others who appreciated the time, energy and effort it took to accomplish your goals. The best part of a senator-ship is that if you ask any of the senators they will tell you they were completely surprised to have received it, because they did what they did for the good of Jaycees and not for themselves. Personally, I was blown away and speechless the night I received mine.

I am a second generation Senator for Massachusetts and have know most of the senators all my life, I never in a million years would have thought that they thought I had done as much as them to promote Jaycees across the state. It meant even more to me that the Foxboro Jaycees had nominated me for the honor, since my previous chapters were no longer active, and that the time I had spent on projects outside of the chapter were recognized by my new chapter. It is truly one of the highest honors I have received in my life and I wear the name tag and carry my number proudly!” — Derek House JCI Senator #60899

“Receiving my Senatorship from the Foxboro Chapter was a huge honor. I received it as I was going out as State President. Presented by my friend, mentor, and fellow Senator Tom Sawran, it was truly a moment that filled me with gratitude. The Jaycees offered me the opportunity to gain skills I may not have otherwise been given. Learning by experiences…The Jaycees took me from the shy girl, who comes to meetings and listens, to the leader of the chapter in 1997 and again in 2001. Throughout my membership I have also gained new friends, friendships that will last forever. I am, and always will be a proud Foxboro Jaycee. It is because of my history with the Jaycees that I was able to run for a seat at the Selectmen’s Table. I joined our Jaycee member Bob Hickey on the Board of Selectmen in 2006, and served two terms of three years. It was the skills I acquired during my involvement with the Jaycees that gave me the courage to take on such responsibility for our community.” — Lynda Walsh


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Derek House


Lynda Walsh welcomes David Fisler as the newest Jaycee senator, 5/10/2014
Lynda Walsh welcomes David Fisler as the newest Jaycee senator, 5/10/2014


The Foxboro Jaycees currently (as of 2020) have four senators: Lynda Walsh, Derek House, David Fisler and Pam Warren.

This is the speech Lynda gave when she introduced David as our newest senator on May 10, 2014:

Good evening, fellow senators and guests. And Happy 45th!

Many have asked me, what is a Jaycee Senator… the JCI Senate is an international organization of men and women who have received special recognition from their local Jaycee chapters. Individuals who have been in the Jaycee organization and who have applied their leadership skills to growing and improving the organization are awarded a Senatorship in Junior Chamber International (JCI), bearing a unique number.

That is the overall definition of a Jaycee Senator, but the answer may differ when asked individually to any senator here with us this evening. I was presented my Senatorship by my mentor, my friend, and Senator, the late Tom Sawran, #59865. I was speechless, probably the first time in a long time, I had no idea that my chapter and extended family felt that I was deserving of such recognition. To me, being a recipient of a senatorship was such a proud moment. It gave me time to reflect on the many friends that I had made through involvement, the improvements we contributed to our community, and the gratefulness of the skills I had acquired during my participation. It was one of my proudest moments.

As many of you know, or may not, The Foxboro Chapter is the only chapter remaining in the state of Massachusetts. It’s not surprising to hear also, that the Chapter is in critical need of membership to keep it recognized by the National organization. For the past two years, the nominations committee has struggled to encourage members to step up into the President and Board positions. Last year, Dave Fisler was sworn in as President for the second time in his career and this year Vanessa Linke agreed to take over the reins for a second time. We will continue to recruit, activate, and mentor new members to take a leadership role.

I’d like to introduce you all to my friend, David Fisler, Chairman of The Foxboro Jaycees. Dave, I’d like you to come up and join me for a moment or two… Don’t worry I’m not going to ask you to give an update on the bandstand…

I believe to be awarded a Senatorship you must have demonstrated, over a significant period of time, a dedication to the promotion of the Jaycees in our town, along with a strong sense of civic and family duty.

For example… Dave started his Jaycee career before he was legal age to join, helping out at our annual Haunted House. On his 21st birthday, March, 1998, I had the pleasure of swearing him into our chapter. He became very active, he has held many board positions over the course of his membership, and as I mentioned just finished up his second term as our President. He has run many, many projects and actually ran our largest project, The Haunted House twice, as well as our “mini-haunt” twice. Having served as Chapter President twice truly defines Dave’s passion for the Jaycees.

Dave was the State President during some challenging times, but has always had a “can-do” attitude. He just recently became a member of the Massachusetts Jaycee Trust . As with many of us Jaycees, we are encouraged to take part in other civic minded groups, and Dave has been a member of the town’s Founders Day committee for the past several years too.

David, I’ve watched you grow over the past 15 years into a dedicated Jaycee, a devoted husband, and loving father. It is because of Dave’s can-do attitude along with his time and commitment to the Foxboro Jaycees, that I have the great privilege and honor to present a senatorship to you David. Thank you for all you do David FROM ALL YOUR FRIENDS OF THE FOXBORO JAYCEES.

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