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2007 Haunted House Credits

2007 Haunted House Chairman, Jaycees: Mark Emery

2007 Haunted House Chairman, Orpheum/Bay Colony Productions: Bill Cunningham

Treasurer: Helene Savage

Procurement: Kris Long

Publicity: Monica Fisler

Manpower: Lynda Walsh and Sandy Emery

Contractor: Derek House

Primary Construction Team: David Fisler, Mike Savage, Phil Wright, Kathy Brady, and Paul Lanza

Pre-Show Construction, Building, Painting, etc: Krystie Apgar, Kate Apgar, Lauren Bitar, Brenda Beauregard, Pete Christian, Bill Chubbuck, Ed Dimarzzio, Patrick Elias, Mark Emery, Monica Fisler, Robert Gillis, Gail Gilman, Erin Goffredo, Bob Hickey, Lisa Jamieson, Bill Long, Cindy McCann, Niki Melish, Tom Sawran, Mike Teixeira, Bob Webster, Tom Whiffen, and Bill Wivell

Pre-Show Construction Helpers: Anna Civitarese, Kerin Gardener, Kristin Magnano, Kiera Nielsen, Matt Nielsen, Ian O’Malley, and Colleen Schofield

Electrician: David Fisler

Sound: Ed Dimarzio, and Patrick Dzierzak

Lighting: Bill Cunningham and Mike Teixeira

Show Maintenance: David Fisler, Phil Wright, and Mike Savage

Creative Chair: Tom Whiffen

Head Guide: Wendy Kerchoff

Makeup: Lauren Bitar

Concession Stand: Gail Gilman, Janet Abrahamson, Marie Barrasso, Susan Galvin, Janice Graves, Ray Greenwood, Norma Leemon, Luis Leemon, and Charlotte Rosen

Nightly Meals: Karen Apgar

Floaters: Krystie Apgar and Niki Melish

Webmaster, Foxboro Jaycees: Robert Gillis

Photographers: Robert Gillis and Wendy Kerchoff

Box Office: Jennifer Widmer and Greg Widmer

Timers / Group Formers / Auditorium: David Brown, Monica Fisler, Laureen House, Helene Savage, and Devlyn House

Guides: Katie Apgar, Krystie Apgar, Brenda Beauregard, Sam Beauregard, Ashley Cavossa, Sean Civitarese, Bill Chubbuck, Andrea Cummings, Jeff Dale, Lauren Duffy, Bailey Eis, Jamie Engler, Ally Fay, James E. Fallon, Julie Grant, Amanda Jamieson, Hannah Jamieson, Lisa Jameson, Wendy Kerchoff, Daniel Kozar, Vanessa Linke, Willie Long, Sam Mandeville, Cindy McCann, Dougal McGuire, Gerry McNamara, Jessica McNeil, Brendan Penttila, Monica Rigamonti, Nick Roberts, Dawn Rossi, Rachel Sewell, Bobby Snow, Tim Thibeault, Lynda Walsh, Jane Webster, Bob Webster, and Bill Wivell

Rooms / Walk-Byes:

Train’s coming! Courtney Melish, Kris Long, Linda MaGovern, and Sydney Raymond

The train: Gerry McNamara, Bob Webster, Dennis Brennan

Knife-Throwers: Bob Hickey, Kevin Hickey, Nicholas Devlin, Alec Guerrini, Sydney Raymond, Caroline Richards, Eric Stract, Colleen Schofield, Tim Thibeault

Spider Victims: Bailey Eis, Charles Chamberlin and Willie Long

Backstage Maze Monsters: Lauren Riley and Collin Roberts

Skeletons: Jen Diederich, Sandy Daniels and Niccole Bochman

Red-Masked demon with knives: Andrew Hewitt

The Morgue: Erin Goffredo Candie Jenner, Meagan Morton, and Kiera Nielsen

Ghost Hunters: Operatunity: Ashley Bartdotti, Alexia Delgiudice, Alexs Donato, Jimmy Dure, Rachel Dure, Tal Heller, Chorale Miles, Chris Louis, Alia Sanfilipo, Collin Sullivan, and Lindsay Tanguay.

Alley of Murder (a/k/a The room without a skit): Robert Gillis and Lauren Bitar, Kristin Magnano, Colin McNelley, Sean Civitarese, Tim Thibeault, and Melissa Baker. Thanks also to Niki Melish, Cindy McCann, Kathleen Peck, and Lauren Riley

Saw / Bathroom: Krystie Apgar, Brenda Beauregard, and Kiera Neilsen

Psycho: Lisa Jamieseon, Cindy McCann, Bill Chubbuck (“Mother”), Brenda Beauregard, and Casey Gallagher

Saw / Ribcage: Niki Melish, Colleen Schofield, Mat Nielsen, and Thor Nielsen

The Greatest Show on Earth: Tom Sawran, Paul Lanza, Tom Whiffen, Anna Civitarese, Vanessa Linke and Natalie Crilly

Straight Jacket Guys: Joe LaRosa and Fish Giannelli

Chainsaws: Casey Gallagher, Charles Chamberlain and Brendan Penttila

Maze monsters, and other helpers: Bill Bishop, Taylor Battersby, Ted Crilly, Ariel Goddard, Andrew Hewitt, Laura Mullen, Alanna Jackson, Solveig Olsen, Sydney Raymond, Lauren Riley, Bill Roberts, and Rachel Sewell

2007 Awards:

Best Guide: Bob Webster

Best Room: “Greatest Show on Earth” (Tom Sawran, Paul Lanza, Vanessa Linke, Tom Whiffen)

Best Walk-By: The Train (Gerry McNamara and Bob Webster)


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