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Haunted House Chairman

The Jaycees Haunted House started in October 1989, and over the years we have had many exciting themes and applaud these talented individuals who made the supreme sacrifice and acted in the Herculean capacity of chairman of the Haunted House …

1989: Paul Allen and Pat Washburn
1990: Chris Ianello ( Foxboro ) and John Myers (Mansfield)
1991: Tami Comeau ( Foxboro ) and John Myers (Mansfield)
1992: Tom Sawran: Run it like a business
1993: Dave Brown: Old England
1994: Mark Emery: Haunted Hollywood
1995: Beth Maddestra: The Haunted Mansion
1996: Joe Catalano: The Haunted Museum
1997: Pete Sorrow with Lynn Butler: The Haunted University
1998: Pauline Brown: The Haunted Village
1999: Lynda Walsh: Camp Fright
2000: Fred Badger with Tom Whiifen- Frontier Fright
2001: Tom Whiffen with Derek House: Haunted Time Travel
2002: Derek House with Kathy Brady: Nightmares on Oak Street
2003: David Fisler and Paul Lanza: Jungle Horror
2004: David Fisler: Old Time Haunt
2005: Mark Emery: Magic School
2006: Bob Webster (Jaycees) Bill Cunningham (Orpheum): Haunted Theater
2007: Mark Emery (Jaycees) Bill Cunningham (Orpheum): Haunted Hollywood
(Closed in 2007)

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