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Monthly Awards

Each month, we recognize the “Jaycee of the Month,” the Jaycee who has contributed most to the chapter that month (the one who made a difference, or went above and beyond) as well as the “Project of the Month,” the completed project that out-shined all the others.

Foxboro Jaycees Monthly Awards

Month and YearJaycee of the MonthProject of the Month
2023-09Caitlyn PignoneJaycee Website - Robert Gillis
2023-08Max LoewConcerts On The Common - Max Loew and Marc Rivard
2023-07In Loving Memory of David BrownIn Loving Memory of David Brown
2023-06Caitlyn PignoneCar Show - Amy LaBrache
2023-05Andrew GalloVendor Fair Raffle - Alicia Bryant
2023-04Deena Cummins MackEaster Egg Hunt - Amy LaBrache
2023-03Jordan Cummings-DeeProvidence Bruins Outing - Pam Warren
2023-02Quiet Month; no award givenQuiet Month; no award given
2023-01Kevin MackNativity Set Take Down - Ken WIlls and Marc Rivard
2022-12Lindsay Denault HobartCaroling on the Common (Boyden Library) - Lynda Walsh
2022-11Lynda WalshJaycee Web Site - Bob Gillis
2022-10Catharine SchwartingVendor Fair Raffle - Alicia Bryant
2022-09Sandy DanielsAlzheimer’s walk - Pam Warren
2022-08Ken Willis and Bill LongConcerts On The Common - Max Loew and Marc Rivard
2022-07Ed MillerCar Show - Amy LaBrache
2022-06Alicia BryantFounders Day Float - Ken Wills
2022-05Deena CummingsSpring Vendor Fair 2022 - Deena Cummings
2022-04Pam WarrenEaster Egg Hunt - Amy LaBranche
2022-03Lisa JoliecoeurWise Fox - Pam Warren
2022-02Paul O'SullivanDarkness to Light - Amy LaBrache
2022-01Carl Bertolino and Ken Wills (tie)Common Decorations Takedown - Carl Bertolino and Ken Wills
2021-12Brandon RyanWinter Common Decorations - Ken Willis and Marc Rivard
2021-11Ken WillsAlzheimer's Walk - Pam Warren
2021-10Andy GalloFall Vendor Fair - Deena Cummings
2021-09Sophia ManosThe Stakes Are High - Kris Long
2021-08Kris LongNational Night Out - Amy LaBrache
2021-07Lynda Walsh2021 Concerts On The Common - Max Loew and Marc Rivard
2021-06Lisa JoliecoeurStraw Hat Contest At Concerts - Lynda Walsh
2021-05Ken Wills2021 Installation Banquet - Marian McCabe
2021-04Jeanne Suttie ChristianEaster Egg Scavenger Hunt - Lynda Walsh
2021-03Ken WillsWise Fox - Pam Warren
2021-02Marion McCabeSand for Seniors - Sophia Manos and Mike Mills
2021-01Andy GalloNew Year's Wishing Tree - Amy LaBrache and (6 year old!) Parker Devine
2020-12Ed GrohSanta Video Calls (100s of videos) - Ed Groh, Lindsay Hobert
2020-11Lindsey HobartHalloween Trick or Treating - Amy LaBrache and Kris Long
2020-10Pam Warren2019-2020 60th Installation Banquet at Rally Point (Ran in October not April due to pandemic) - Lynda Walsh and Marian McCabe
2020-09Ali LindquistThe Stakes Are High - Kris Long
2020-08Ken WillsNew Member Q&A - Amy LaBrache
2020-07Lisa JoliecoeurVirtual Trivia - Marian McCabe
2020-06Sophia ManosInspirational Signs during COVID-19 - Lynda Walsh
2020-05Amy LaBrache"Seniors Rock!" - Amy and Sarah LaBrache -
2020-04Amy LaBracheProvidence Bruins Outting - Robert Gillis
2020-03Marc RivardJaycee Book Club - Lisa Joliecoeur
2020-02Catherine SchwartingTIE: Kid's New Year's Eve Party - Amy LaBrache AND Jaycee present New Year's Eve Concert at Rodmand Center - Max Loew and Marc Rivard
2020-01Monica FislerNew FOXBOROUGH Sign Construction - Kathy Brady, Dave Fisler, Kevin Mack, Kenny Wills
2019-12Bob WebsterInventory Reorganization and Shelving Construction - Ken WIllis
2019-11Kenny WIllsFall Vendor Craft Fair Raffle - Marion McCabe
2019-10Susan GillisThe Stakes Are High - Taking Aim at the Crisis - Kris Long
2019-09Amy LaBracheConcerts on the Common - Max Loew
2019-08Max LoewJaycee Yearbook - Pam Warren and Jeannie Suttie Christian
2019-07Mike MillsFounders Day Glow Items - Jen Dimato and Kathlee Lee
2019-06Deena CummingsInstallation Banquet - Lynda Walsh
2019-05Marc RivardEaster Egg Hunt - Max Loew
2019-04Jeannie ChristianWindow Glass Decorating Fundraiser - Deena Cummings
2019-03Peter FilosaNew England Patriots Super Bowl Rally III - Lynda Walsh
2019-02Kathy BradyFruit Baskets - Monica Fisler
2019-01Carl BertolinoFriendsgiving GM Dinner - Lynda Walsh
2018-12Jeanne Suttie-ChristianFall vendor Fair - Deena Cummings
2018-11Lisa JoliecoeurWise Fox- Pam Warren
2018-10Pam WarrenCommunity Serice Night Out - Lynda Walsh
2018-09Lisa JoliecoeurWise Fox - Pam Warren
2018-08Dave ReidScholarship - Lisa Joliecoeur
2018-07Lauren BitarAward Winning Founders Day Float - Ryan White
2018-06Pam WarrenVendor Fair Concessions - Pam Warren
2018-05Mary Suttie SorensonCandidates Night - Sophia Manos
2018-04Sophia ManisEaster Egg Hunt - Sophia Manos
2018-03Bob and Jane WebsterPatriots Super Bowl Rally - Lynda Walsh
2018-02Bob HickeyNativity Takedown - Mike Mills
2018-01LaNecia WoodProgressive Dinner - Andrea Johnstone. Note: Jaycee of the month: Marc Rivard - Max Loew - Lynda Walsh - Mary Suttie Sorenson and LaNecia Wood (Restaurant Night)
2017-12Mike MillsThanksgiving Turkeys and cards for Veterans - Lynda Walsh
2017-11Kelly ReidAutumn Craft Vendor Fair - Deena Cummings
2017-10Marc Rivard[TIE] New Member Social - Sophia Manos and [TIE] Lynda Walsh - Stand United Against Hate
2017-09Fred GeorgeConcerts on the Common - Max Loew
2017-08Robert GillisJaycee Trivia - Kathy Brady
2017-07Max LoewFounders Day Float - Marc Rivard
2017-06Lynda WalshSpring Vendor Fair - Lynda Walsh
2017-05Deena CummingsDarkness To Light - Kathy Brady
2017-04David FislerShoe Recycling - Dawn Hadley
2017-03Mary Suttie SorensonNE Patriots Rally on Foxboro Common - Lynda Walsh
2017-02Chrissy BrittonWho's Who - Stephanie O'Neil (not a typo; same as November 2016)
2017-01Maria KerriganSparky The Fire Dog - Dave Reid
2016-12Marc RivardNativity Scene Set Up - MarcDevlyn House
2016-11Chrissy BrittonWho's Who - Stephanie O'Neil
2016-10Bob GillisMcGinty Fun Day Manpower - Lisa Joliecoeur
2016-09Sandy EmeryNational Night Out - Sophia Manos
2016-08Kristin NicholsonConcert on the Common Concessions - Pam Warren
2016-07Julie GrantFounders Day Glow Items - Steve Strickland
2016-06Steve StricklandVendor fair - Andrea Johnstone and Laureen House
2016-05Deena CummingsCandidates Night - Pam Warren and Bob Gillis
2016-04Helene SavageEaster Egg Hunt - Helene Savage
2016-03Dave ReidPaint Night - Kelly Condon
2016-02Laureen HouseNativity Scene Repair - Kathy Brady
2016-01Stephanie O'NeillKids Christmas party - Tom Sullivan
2015-12Heather LoewDecorating the Common / Nativity Setup - Marc Rivard
2015-11Jen FrancoShoe Recycling - Dawn Hadley
2015-10Bob GillisMcGinty Family Fun Day - Lisa Joliecoeur
2015-09Lisa JoliecoeurConcerts on the Common - Max Loew
2015-08Dawn HadleyNew Jaycee Welcome You Street Signs - Dave Brown
2015-07Steve StricklandFounders Day Concessions - Pam Warren
2015-06Lisa JoliecoeurVendor Fair - Andrea Johnstone and Laureen House
2015-05Vanessa LinkeEaster Egg Hunt - Stephanie O'Neill
2015-04David Reid5K Road Race - Deena Cummings
2015-03Mike MillsProvidence Bruins Outing - Bob Gillis
2015-02Lynn FreeksenScat/31 Card Game Night - Sharon Hall
2015-01Kathy Brady[TIE] Caroling on The Common - Andrew Steele and Lynda Walsh and [TIE] Fruit Baskets - Sophia Manos
2014-12Lynda WalshElection Day Jaycee Membership Booth - Laureen House
2014-11Deena CummingsPainting Fund Raiser - Laureen House
2014-10Sophia ManosMcGinty fun day mapower - Lisa Jolicoeur
2014-09Kathy BradyConcerts on The Common - Lauren Bitar and Lynda Walsh
2014-08Deena CummingsWise Fox Newsletter - Jen Franco
2014-07Pam WarrenFounders Day Float - Lynda Walsh
2014-06Sarah FreudenbergInstallation Banquet - Laureen House
2014-05David FislerEaster Egg Hunt - Derek House
2014-04Heather LoewTrivia Night - Kathy Brady
2014-03Maria MontanezNew Member Orientation - Laureen House
2014-02Paul LanzaSand for Seniors - Mohsen Khalifa
2014-01Monica FislerFruit Baskets - Jen Franco
2013-12Kathy BradyNew Member Orientation - Laureen House
2013-11Laureen HouseFamily Fun Day - Maria Montanez
2013-10Bob GillisFood For The Troops - Jen Franco
2013-09Vanessa LinkeNational Night Out - Lynda Walsh
2013-08Max LoewWise Fox - Jen Franco
2013-07Lynda WalshRelay for Life - Grant Nash
2013-06Laureen HouseCraft Vendor Fair - Vanessa Linke
2013-05Heather LoewCandidates Night - Bob Gillis
2013-04Paul LanzaEaster Egg Hunt - Monica Fisler
2013-03Dave BrownRelay for Life Restaurant Fundraiser - Vanessa Linke
2013-02Bob GillisCommon Holiday Decorations - Bob Gillis
2013-01Kathy BradyFruit Baskets - Kathy Brady
2012-12Maria MontanezAdopt a Kid for Christmas - Maria Montanez
2012-11Jen FrancoPhoto Fundraiser - Jen Franco
2012-10Max LoewRestaurant Night - Max Loew
2012-09Jen FrancoNational Night Out - Deena Cummings and Monica Fisler
2012-08Monica FislerConcert Concessions - Deena Cummings
2012-07Paul LanzaFounders Day Parade - Bob Gillis
2012-06David BrownVendor Fair - Heather Loew
2012-05Monica FislerEaster Egg Hunt - Deena Cummings
2012-04Jen FrancoTupperware Fund Raiser - Jen Franco
2012-03Sandy EmeryScrapbooking Fundraiser - Deena Cummings
2012-02Heather LoewNew Members Orientation
2012-01Helen SerenaFruit Baskets - Jen Franco
2011-12Tom MarksWinter Common Upgrade - Maria Montanez
2011-11Deena CummingsGold Night - Monica Rigamonti
2011-10Bob GillisSeptember 11 Memorial - Bob Gillis
2011-09Monica RigamontiNational Night Out - Heather Loew
2011-08Laureen HouseWise Fox - Sandy Emery
2011-07Bob WebsterPony Rides - Julie Grant
2011-06Tom MarksSpring Craft Fair - Heather Loew
2011-05Vanessa LinkeEaster Egg Hunt - Denna Cummings
2011-04Tom MarksTrivia Night - Kathy Brady
2011-03Bob GillisScat Card game Night - Monica Fisler
2011-02Mosen KhalifaSand for Seniors - Mohsen Khalifa
2011-01Jen FrancoFruit Baskets - Jen Franco
2010-12Sandy EmeryHaunted House Video - Tom Whiffen
2010-11Dave BrownYard Sale/Vendor Fair - Heather Loew and Wendy Kerchoff
2010-10Heather LoewPapa Ginos Pizza Fund Raiser - Heather Loew
2010-09Max LoewConcerts on the Common Concessions - Helene Savage
2010-08Paul LanzaCamping/Hiking Trip - Mohsen Khalifa
2010-07Julie GrantFounders Day Concessions - Fred Badger
2010-06Heather LoewSign Repair - Fred Badger
2010-05Helene SavageCandidates Night - Julie Grant
2010-04Jennifer WidmerBirthday Wishes - Vanessa Linke
2010-03Vanessa LinkeWeb Site redesign - Bob Gillis
2010-02Greg WidmerSki Trip - Julie Grant
2010-01Julie GrantNativity Set Restoration - Julie Grant and Jim Fallon
2009-12Sandy EmeryCraft/Vendor Fair - Sandy Emery
2009-11 Monica RigamontiKaraoke Night - Vanessa Linke
2009-10Heather LoewWho's Who - Monica Rigamonti
2009-09Vanessa CaffinJulie Grant - Concerts on the Common
2009-08Jen WidmerCamping/Hiking Trip - Mohsen Khalifa -
2009-07Vanessa CaffinFounders Day Pony Rides - Julie Grant and Jim Fallon -
2009-06Nancy RiveraFlyer Fundraiser: Chicago UNO'S - Linda Magovern
2009-05Heather LoewComedy Night - Bob Webster
2009-04Bob WebsterMonster Mini-Golf - Vanessa Linke
2009-03Wendy KerchoffFamily Fun Day Bowling - Jen Widmer
2009-02Vanessa LinkeSand for Seniors - Mohsen Khalifa
2009-01Heather LoewProgressive Dinner - Jennifer Widmer
2008-12Helene SavageCraft Vendor Fair - Wendy Kerchoff and Monica Fisler
2008-11Linda MagovernJaycee Dues - Greg Widmer
2008-10Wendy KerchoffBook Club - Laureen House
2008-09Bob GillisConcerts on the Common Concessions - Fred Badger
2008-08Jen DiederichCamping/Hiking Trip - Jen Diederich
2008-07Cindy McCannFounder's Day Pony Rides - Julie Grant
2008-06Kris LongInstallation Banquet - Linda MaGovern and Sandy Emery
2008-05Jen WidmerCandidates Night - Lauren Bitar and Kathy Brady
2008-04Deena CummingsEaster Egg Hunt - Deena Cummings
2008-03Linda MagovernHaunted House - Mark Emery
2008-02Kris LongScrapbooking Fundraiser
2008-01Mark KerchoffSanta on the Common - Mark Kerchoff
2007-12Monica FislerCraft Fair/Vendor Night - Wendy Kerchoff
2007-11Paul LanzaHaunted House Website Advertisement - Bob Gillis
2007-10Sandy EmeryPawSox game - Bob Hickey
2007-09Bob GillisWise Fox - Monica Rigamonti
2007-08Kathy BradyCamping Hiking Trip - Kathy Brady
2007-07Cindy McCannRed Sox vs Yankees Fundraiser - Sandy Emery and Monica Fisler
2007-06Monica FislerInstallation Banquet - David and Monica Fisler
2007-04Lisa MaGahanSand for Seniors - Linda Magovern and Associates Night - Mark Emery
2007-03Linda MagovernHaunted House - Bob Webster
2007-02Kathy BradyBook Club - Laureen House
2007-01Lisa McGahan[TIE] Christmas Tree Sales and [TIE] Kids Christmas Party and [TIE] Fruit Baskets
2006-12Sandy EmeryMeetings & Programs - Tom Sawran
2006-11Monica RigamontiWise Fox - Monica Rigamonti
2006-10Jennifer AllsopConcerts on the Common - The Fislers
2006-09Krystie ApgarAssociates Vs. Regular Volleyball - Monica Fisler
2006-08Tom WhiffenCamping/Hiking Trip - Tom Whiffen
2006-06Monica FislerInstallation Banquet - Sandy Emery
2006-04Kris LongHoliday Share - Krystie Apgar
2006-03Sandy EmerySand for Seniors - Mark Emery
2006-02Laureen HouseBook Club - Laureen House
2006-01Julie GrantJulie Grant & Lynn Freerksen - Progressive Dinner
2005-12Nancy WilliamsMembership guide rewrite - Monica Rigamonti
2005-11Monica RigamontiJC Open - Jen Widmer
2005-10Tom WhiffenVolleyball - Tom Whiffen
2005-09Krystie ApgarConcerts on the Common - Jen Widmer
2005-08Cathy ReidCamping Hiking Trip - Adam Nolin - Tom Whiffen and committee
2005-07Julie GrantPony Rides - Julie Grant
2005-06Krystie Apgar?
2005-06Monica RigamontiEaster Egg Hunt - Bob Gillis
2005-04Helene SavageAssociates Night - Bob Gillis and committee
2005-03Helene SavageScat Night - Judy and Mike Wood
2005-02Bob GillisHaunted House - Dave Fisler
2004-12Mark EmeryHaunted House Concessions - Kathy Brady and friends
2004-11Jennifer WidmerNew Member Social - Sandy Emery and Judy Wood
2004-10Amy CorreiaCall Night - Monica Joshi
2004-09Linda StranoConcerts on the Common - Linda Strano and Dave Fisler
2004-08Susan GillisDoolittle Home Auction - Amy Correia
2004-07Phil WrightFounders Day Slush - Susan Gillis
2004-06Joann WasonPancake Breakfast - Monica Joshi and Amy Correia
2004-05Kathy BradyAssociates Night - Andrea Cummings - Tom Whiffen and Monica Rigamonti
2004-04Liz CrimminsActivation/Mentor Program - Dave Fisler
2004-03Lynda WalshScat Night - Judy Wood
2004-02Mark EmeryPatriots Raffle - Kris Long
2004-01Krystie ApgarBook Club - Laureen House
2003-12Monica JoshiProgressive Dinner - Andrea Cummings
2003-11Dave FislerMeetings and Programs - Judy Wood
2003-10Kevin ColemanPayson Road Playground
2003-09Mark & Sandy EmeryCamping and Hiking Trip - Tom Whiffen
2003-08David FislerGlow Sticks II - Sue Gillis and Tom Whiffen
2003-07Amy CorreiaFounders Day Float - Amy Correia and Cathy Kelson Reid
2003-06Cathy Kelson-ReidMothers Day Essays - Cathy Kelson Reid
2003-05Tom WhiffenSand for Seniors - Lauren Bitar
2003-03Lynda Walsh[TIE] Derek House & Kathy Brady - Haunted House and [TIE] Associates Night - Monica Rigamonti
2003-02Kathy BradyBook Club - Laureen House
2003-01Fred George[TIE] Santa on the Common - Susan Gillis and [TIE] Christmas Fruit Baskets - Adam Nolin
2002-12Lauren BitarGillette Field - Dave Reid
2002-11Derek HouseHaunted House T-shirt sales - Linda MaGovern
2002-10Dave Fisler5K Road Race - Kris Long
2002-09Dave ReidSeptember 11 Memorial - Bob Gillis and Lynda Walsh
2002-08Dave ContiConcerts on the Common - Fred George
2002-07Mike & Judy WoodAssociates vs. Regulars Softball Game
2002-06Ken WillsFounders Day Float - Tom Sawran and Friends
2002-05Andrea CummingsInstallation Banquet - Helene Savage
2002-04Lynda Walsh?
2002-03Ken WillsAssociates Night - Lynda - Lynn and Ed
2002-02Bob HickeyHaunted House - Tom Whiffen
2002-01Lynn FreerksenWeb Site - Bob Gillis
2001-12Tom WhiffenMini Haunted House - Yvonne McNamara
2001-11Linda McGovernHaunted House Concessions - Elise Behn
2001-08Fred GeorgeConcerts on Common - Ken Wills
2001-07Bob Gillis[TIE] Installation Banquet - Linda Magovern and [TIE] Serve - Andrea Cummings
2001-06George GouldSkateboard Park - Elise Behn
2001-05Bob HickeyPancake Breakfast Raffle - Yvonne Carl
2001-04?Julie Philbert - Easter Egg Hunt
2001-02Gerry McNamaraCall Night and Jaycee Week - Lynda Walsh and Kathy Brady
2001-01Kathy BradyTom Whiffen - Christmas Tree Sales
2000-12Cathy HickeySanta on the Common - Andrea Cummings
2000-11Andrea CummingsCarl Bertolino - 5K Road Race
2000-10Kevin ColemanMichele+Scott Rogers - Family Day
2000-09Kenny WillsFamily Talk - Linda Magovern
2000-08Carl BertolinoConcerts on the Common - Carl Bertolino
2000-07Tom WhiffenHyland Memorial Rink - Dave Brown/Paul Howard
2000-06Dave FislerInstallation Banquet - Fred Badger
2000-05Drew HoytWeb Site - Bob Gillis
2000-02Linda MagovernKids Christmas Party - Gayle Workman
2000-01Dave FislerWeb Site - Bob Gillis
1999-12Frank MonetHaunted House - Lynda Walsh
1999-11Helene SavageRoad Race - Dave Britton
1999-10Mike SavageFamily Day - Scott Rogers
1999-09Lynda WalshFamily Night Out - Helene Savage
1999-08Elise BehnConcerts on the Common - Lynn Freerksen
1999-07Helene SavageCandidate's night - Bob Hickey
1999-05Steve TingleInstallation Banquet - Linda Magovern
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