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Board of Directors Archives

NOTE:r/s/br/s/b Means "Resigned and succeeded by"
2023-2024PresidentDeena Cummings
2023-2024Community Development Vice PresidentAmy LaBrache
2023-2024Individual Development Vice PresidentMarc Rivard
2023-2024Membership Vice PresidentAmy LaBrache
2023-2024Ways & Means Vice PresidentSophia Manos
2023-2024TreasurerLisa Joliecoeur
2023-2024SecretaryPam Warren
2023-2024Chairman of the BoardDeena Cummings
2023-2024Director at LargeLynda Walsh
2023-2024Membership DirectorJordan Cummings
2023-2024Wise Fox EditorPam Warren
2023-2024Web MasterRobert Gillis
2022-2023PresidentDeena Cummings
2022-2023Community Development Vice PresidentLynda Walsh
2022-2023Individual Development Vice PresidentSophia Manos
2022-2023Membership Vice PresidentAmy LaBrache
2022-2023Ways & Means Vice PresidentKris Long
2022-2023TreasurerLisa Joliecoeur
2022-2023SecretaryPam Warren
2022-2023Chairman of the BoardDeena Cummings
2022-2023Directors at LargeMarc Rivard
2022-2023Membership DirectorMax Loew
2022-2023Wise Fox EditorPam Warren
2022-2023Web MasterRobert Gillis
2021-2022PresidentDeena Cummings
2021-2022Community Development Vice PresidentLynda Walsh
2021-2022Individual Development Vice PresidentSophia Manos
2021-2022Membership Vice PresidentAmy LaBrache
2021-2022Ways & Means Vice PresidentKris Long
2021-2022TreasurerLisa Joliecoeur
2021-2022SecretaryPam Warren
2021-2022Chairman of the BoardJeanne Suttie Christian
2021-2022Dues DirectorMarc Rivard
2021-2022Directors at LargeAndy Gallo
2021-2022Wise Fox EditorPam Warren
2021-2022Web MasterRobert Gillis
2020-2021PresidentJeanne Suttie Christian
2020-2021Community Development Vice PresidentLynda Walsh
2020-2021Individual Development Vice PresidentKris Long
2020-2021Membership Vice PresidentAmy LaBrache
2020-2021Ways & Means Vice PresidentSophia Manos
2020-2021TreasurerLisa Joliecoeur
2020-2021SecretaryPam Warren
2020-2021Chairman of the BoardMarc Rivard
2020-2021Dues DirectorDeena Cummings
2020-2021Directors at LargeMarian McCabe
2020-2021Wise Fox EditorPam Warren
2020-2021Web MasterRobert Gillis
2019-2020PresidentJeanne Suttie Christian
2019-2020Community Development Vice PresidentLynda Walsh
2019-2020Individual Development Vice PresidentRobert Gillis
2019-2020Membership Vice PresidentAmy LaBrache
2019-2020Ways & Means Vice PresidentSophia Manos
2019-2020TreasurerLisa Joliecoeur
2019-2020SecretaryPam Warren
2019-2020Chairman of the BoardMarc Rivard
2019-2020Directors at LargeDeena Cummings
2019-2020Directors at LargeKris Long
2019-2020Meetings & ProgramsDifferent person each month
2019-2020Web MasterRobert Gillis
2019-2020Wise Fox EditorPam Warren
2018-2019PresidentMax Loew r/s/b Marc Rivard
2018-2019Community Development Vice PresidentSophia Manos
2018-2019Individual Development Vice PresidentMarc Rivard 5/2018-8/2018 (assumed presidency); new IDVP Robert Gillis
2018-2019Membership Vice PresidentJeanne Suttie Christian
2018-2019Ways & Means Vice PresidentDeena Cummings
2018-2019TreasurerLisa Joliecoeur
2018-2019SecretaryRyan White r/s/b Pam Warren
2018-2019Chairman of the BoardMary Suttie Sorensen
2018-2019Directors at LargeLynda Walsh
2018-2019Directors at LargeCarl Bertolino
2018-2019Directors at LargePam Warren
2018-2019Meetings & ProgramsDifferent person each month
2018-2019Web MasterRobert Gillis
2018-2019Wise Fox EditorPam Warren
2017-2018PresidentMary Suttie Sorensen
2017-2018Community Development Vice PresidentSophia Manos
2017-2018Individual Development Vice PresidentMax Loew
2017-2018Membership Vice PresidentDevlyn House r/s/b Fred George
2017-2018Ways & Means Vice PresidentLynda Walsh
2017-2018TreasurerLisa Joliecoeur
2017-2018SecretaryJeanne Suttie Christian
2017-2018Chairman of the BoardDeena Cummings
2017-2018Directors at LargeRobert Gillis and Laureen House
2017-2018Meetings & ProgramsDifferent person each month
2017-2018Web MasterRobert Gillis
2017-2018Wise Fox EditorPam Warren
2016-2017PresidentDeena Cummings
2016-2017Community Development Vice PresidentRobert Gillis
2016-2017Individual Development Vice PresidentAndrea Johnstone
2016-2017Membership Vice PresidentLaureen House
2016-2017Ways & Means Vice PresidentLynda Walsh
2016-2017TreasurerLisa Joliecoeur
2016-2017SecretaryPam Warren
2016-2017Membership DirectorKelley Condon
2016-2017Chairman of the BoardDeena Cummings
2016-2017Directors at Largen/a
2016-2017Meetings & ProgramsDifferent person each month
2016-2017Web MasterRobert Gillis
2016-2017Wise Fox EditorSandy Emery
2015-2016PresidentDeena Cummings
2015-2016Community Development Vice PresidentRobert Gillis
2015-2016Individual Development Vice PresidentAndrea Cummings-Johnstone
2015-2016Membership Vice PresidentLaureen House
2015-2016Ways & Means Vice PresidentLynda Walsh
2015-2016TreasurerLisa Joliecoeur
2015-2016SecretaryMax Loew (resigned; succeeded by) Pam Warren
2015-2016Donations Directorn/a
2015-2016Dues Directorn/a
2015-2016Community Development DirectorMike Stewart
2015-2016Individual Development Directorn/a
2015-2016Membership Directorn/a
2015-2016Ways & Means DirectorPam Warren
2015-2016Presidential Directorn/a
2015-2016Chairman of the BoardVanessa Linke
2015-2016Directors at Largen/a
2015-2016Meetings & ProgramsDifferent person each month
2015-2016Web MasterRobert Gillis
2015-2016Wise Fox EditorJen Franco
2014-2015PresidentVanessa Linke
2014-2015Community Development Vice PresidentLynda Walsh
2014-2015Individual Development Vice PresidentRobert Gillis
2014-2015Membership Vice PresidentLaureen House
2014-2015Ways & Means Vice PresidentDavid Fisler
2014-2015TreasurerDeena Cummings
2014-2015SecretaryDavid Brown
2014-2015Donations Directorn/a
2014-2015Dues Directorn/a
2014-2015Community Development Directorn/a
2014-2015Individual Development Directorn/a
2014-2015Membership Directorn/a
2014-2015Ways & Means Directorn/a
2014-2015Presidential Directorn/a
2014-2015Chairman of the BoardDavid Fisler
2014-2015Directors at Largen/a
2014-2015Meetings & ProgramsDifferent person each month
2014-2015Web MasterRobert Gillis
2014-2015Wise Fox EditorJen Franco
2013-2014PresidentDavid Fisler
2013-2014Community Development Vice PresidentLynda Walsh
2013-2014Individual Development Vice PresidentAndrea Cummings
2013-2014Membership Vice PresidentVanessa Linke
2013-2014Ways & Means Vice PresidentDavid Fisler
2013-2014TreasurerHeather Loew
2013-2014SecretaryRobert Gillis
2013-2014Donations Directorn/a
2013-2014Dues Directorn/a
2013-2014Community Development Directorn/a
2013-2014Individual Development Directorn/a
2013-2014Membership DirectorMaria Montanez
2013-2014Ways & Means Directorn/a
2013-2014Presidential Directorn/a
2013-2014Chairman of the BoardHeather Loew
2013-2014Directors at Largen/a
2013-2014Meetings & ProgramsDifferent person each month
2013-2014Web MasterRobert Gillis
2013-2014Wise Fox EditorJen Franco
2012-2013PresidentHeather Loew
2012-2013Community Development Vice PresidentVanessa Linke
2012-2013Individual Development Vice PresidentMax Loew
2012-2013Membership Vice President(Open)
2012-2013Ways & Means Vice PresidentDeena Cummings
2012-2013TreasurerDavid Fisler
2012-2013Secretary Andrea Cummings
2012-2013Donations Directorn/a
2012-2013Dues Directorn/a
2012-2013Community Development DirectorVanessa Linke
2012-2013Individual Development Directorn/a
2012-2013Membership Directorn/a
2012-2013Ways & Means Directorn/a
2012-2013Presidential Directorn/a
2012-2013Chairman of the BoardMonica Fisler
2012-2013Directors at Largen/a
2012-2013Meetings & ProgramsDifferent person each month
2012-2013Web MasterRobert Gillis
2012-2013Wise Fox EditorJen Franco
2011-2012PresidentMonica Fisler
2011-2012Community Development Vice PresidentDeena Cummings
2011-2012Individual Development Vice PresidentTom Marks
2011-2012Membership Vice PresidentHeather Loew
2011-2012Ways & Means Vice Presidentn/a
2011-2012TreasurerVanessa Linke
2011-2012SecretaryMonica Rigamonti
2011-2012Donations Directorn/a
2011-2012Dues Directorn/a
2011-2012Community Development DirectorJen Franco
2011-2012Individual Development Directorn/a
2011-2012Membership Directorn/a
2011-2012Ways & Means Directorn/a
2011-2012Presidential Directorn/a
2011-2012Chairman of the Board
2011-2012Directors at Largen/a
2011-2012Meetings & ProgramsHeather Loew
2011-2012Web MasterRobert Gillis
2011-2012Wise Fox EditorSandy Emery
2010-2011PresidentVanessa Linke
2010-2011Community Development Vice PresidentWendy Kerchoff
2010-2011Individual Development Vice PresidentFred Badger
2010-2011Membership Vice PresidentJulie Grant
2010-2011Ways & Means Vice PresidentHeather Loew
2010-2011TreasurerHelene Savage
2010-2011Secretary Andrea Cummings
2010-2011Donations DirectorHelene Savage
2010-2011Dues DirectorHelene Savage
2010-2011Community Development DirectorDeena Cummings
2010-2011Individual Development Directorn/a
2010-2011Membership Directorn/a
2010-2011Ways & Means Directorn/a
2010-2011Presidential Directorn/a
2010-2011Chairman of the BoardHelene Savage
2010-2011Directors at Largen/a
2010-2011Meetings & ProgramsDifferent person each month
2010-2011Web MasterRobert Gillis
2010-2011Wise Fox EditorSandy Emery
2009-2010PresidentHelene Savage
2009-2010Community Development Vice PresidentJulie Grant
2009-2010Individual Development Vice PresidentMonica Fisler
2009-2010Membership Vice PresidentHeather Loew
2009-2010Ways & Means Vice PresidentVanessa Linke
2009-2010TreasurerGreg Widmer
2009-2010SecretaryMonica Rigamonti
2009-2010Donations DirectorAndrea Cummings
2009-2010Dues DirectorMark Kerchoff
2009-2010Community Development DirectorJim Fallon
2009-2010Individual Development DirectorDavid Fisler
2009-2010Membership DirectorVanessa Caffin
2009-2010Ways & Means DirectorMax Loew
2009-2010Presidential DirectorJennifer Widmer
2009-2010Chairman of the Board
2009-2010Directors at Largen/a
2009-2010Meetings & ProgramsDifferent person each month
2009-2010Web MasterRobert Gillis
2009-2010Wise Fox EditorJennifer Widmer
2008-2009PresidentMike Savage
2008-2009Community Development Vice PresidentTom Whiffen (resigned; succeeded by) David Fisler
2008-2009Individual Development Vice PresidentJulie Grant
2008-2009Membership Vice PresidentVanessa Linke
2008-2009Ways & Means Vice PresidentFred Badger
2008-2009TreasurerDeena Cummings
2008-2009SecretaryWendy Kerchoff
2008-2009Donations DirectorMark Kerchoff
2008-2009Dues DirectorGreg Widmer
2008-2009Community Development Directorn/a
2008-2009Individual Development DirectorJennifer Diederich (resigned; succeeded by) (none)
2008-2009Membership DirectorMark Kerchoff
2008-2009Ways & Means DirectorHeather Loew
2008-2009Presidential Directorn/a
2008-2009Chairman of the Board
2008-2009Directors at Largen/a
2008-2009Meetings & ProgramsDifferent person each month
2008-2009Web MasterRobert Gillis
2008-2009Wise Fox EditorWendy Kerchoff
2007-2008PresidentJennifer Widmer
2007-2008Community Development Vice Presidentn/a
2007-2008Individual Development Vice PresidentVanessa Linke
2007-2008Membership Vice PresidentWendy Kerchoff
2007-2008Ways & Means Vice PresidentMonica Fisler
2007-2008TreasurerDeena Cummings
2007-2008SecretaryMonica Rigamonti
2007-2008Donations DirectorAndrea Cummings
2007-2008Dues DirectorJennifer Hessford
2007-2008Community Development DirectorMark Kerchoff
2007-2008Individual Development Director(none)
2007-2008Membership DirectorRobert Gillis
2007-2008Ways & Means Director(none)
2007-2008Presidential DirectorDavid Fisler
2007-2008Chairman of the Board
2007-2008Directors at Largen/a
2007-2008Meetings & ProgramsDifferent person each month
2007-2008Web MasterRobert Gillis
2007-2008Wise Fox EditorMonica Rigamonti
2006-2007PresidentKris Long
2006-2007Community Development Vice PresidentMark Emery
2006-2007Individual Development Vice PresidentWendy Kerchoff
2006-2007Membership Vice PresidentJennifer Widmer
2006-2007Ways & Means Vice PresidentLynda Walsh
2006-2007TreasurerSandy Emery
2006-2007SecretaryMark Kerchoff
2006-2007Donations DirectorSandy Emery
2006-2007Dues DirectorSandy Emery
2006-2007Community Development Directorn/a
2006-2007Individual Development DirectorMonica Fisler
2006-2007Membership Directorn/a
2006-2007Ways & Means DirectorRobert Gillis
2006-2007Presidential Directorn/a
2006-2007Chairman of the Board
2006-2007Directors at Largen/a
2006-2007Meetings & ProgramsTom Sawran
2006-2007Web MasterRobert Gillis
2006-2007Wise Fox EditorMonica Rigamonti
2005-2006PresidentDavid Fisler
2005-2006Community Development Vice PresidentAmy Correia (resigned; succeeded by) David Fisler
2005-2006Individual Development Vice PresidentMonica Fisler
2005-2006Membership Vice PresidentRobert Gillis
2005-2006Ways & Means Vice PresidentHelene Savage
2005-2006TreasurerMonica Rigamonti
2005-2006SecretaryJennifer Widmer
2005-2006Donations DirectorJenn Allsop
2005-2006Dues DirectorSusan Gillis (resigned; succeeded by) Cathy Kelson-Reid (resigned; succeeded by) Monica Rigamonti
2005-2006Community Development Directorn/a
2005-2006Individual Development DirectorNiki Melish
2005-2006Membership Directorn/a
2005-2006Ways & Means DirectorKristie Apgar
2005-2006Presidential DirectorKris Long
2005-2006Chairman of the Board
2005-2006Directors at Largen/a
2005-2006Meetings & ProgramsKris Long
2005-2006Web MasterRobert Gillis
2005-2006Wise Fox EditorSandy Emery
2004-2005PresidentMonica Rigamonti
2004-2005Community Development Vice PresidentDavid Fisler
2004-2005Individual Development Vice PresidentRobert Gillis
2004-2005Membership Vice PresidentMonica Joshi
2004-2005Ways & Means Vice PresidentKris Long
2004-2005TreasurerJulia Sechen (resigned; succeeded by) by Helene Savage
2004-2005SecretaryLiz Crimmons (resigned; succeeded by) Jennifer Widmer
2004-2005Donations DirectorJoann Wasson
2004-2005Dues DirectorDeena Cummings (resigned; succeeded by) Helene Savage
2004-2005Community Development DirectorAndrea Cummings and Amy Correia
2004-2005Individual Development DirectorJennifer Allsop
2004-2005Membership DirectorTom Whiffen
2004-2005Ways & Means DirectorSusan Gillis
2004-2005Presidential DirectorAdam Nolin
2004-2005Chairman of the Board
2004-2005Directors at Largen/a
2004-2005Meetings & ProgramsAmy Correia
2004-2005Web MasterRobert Gillis
2004-2005Wise Fox EditorSandy Emery
2003-2004PresidentKathy Brady
2003-2004Community Development Vice PresidentFred George
2003-2004Individual Development Vice PresidentMonica Rigamonti
2003-2004Membership Vice PresidentAmy Coreia
2003-2004Ways & Means Vice PresidentKris Long
2003-2004TreasurerDavid Reid
2003-2004SecretaryRobert Gillis
2003-2004Donations DirectorAndrea Cummings
2003-2004Dues DirectorDale George (resigned; succeeded by) Deena Cummings
2003-2004Community Development DirectorDavid Fisler
2003-2004Individual Development DirectorSheryl Connors
2003-2004Membership DirectorSusan Gillis
2003-2004Ways & Means DirectorFrank Jagar
2003-2004Presidential DirectorHelene Savage
2003-2004Chairman of the Board
2003-2004Directors at Largen/a
2003-2004Meetings & ProgramsMonica Rigamonti
2003-2004Web MasterRobert Gillis
2003-2004Wise Fox EditorSandy Emery
2002-2003PresidentTom Whiffen
2002-2003Community Development Vice PresidentKathy Brady
2002-2003Individual Development Vice PresidentAndrea Cummings
2002-2003Membership Vice PresidentLaureen House
2002-2003Ways & Means Vice PresidentGerry McNamara (resigned; succeeded by) Kris Long
2002-2003TreasurerSteve Fruzzetti
2002-2003SecretaryMonica Rigamonti
2002-2003Donations DirectorRobert Gillis
2002-2003Dues DirectorGeorge Gould (resigned; succeeded by) David Fisler
2002-2003Community Development DirectorFred George
2002-2003Individual Development DirectorJuile Grant
2002-2003Membership DirectorDave Conti
2002-2003Ways & Means DirectorKris Long
2002-2003Presidential DirectorElise Behn
2002-2003Chairman of the Board
2002-2003Directors at Largen/a
2002-2003Meetings & ProgramsMike and Judy Wood
2002-2003Web MasterRobert Gillis
2002-2003Wise Fox EditorHelene Savage
2001-2002PresidentLynda Walsh
2001-2002Community Development Vice PresidentTom Whiffen
2001-2002Individual Development Vice PresidentLynn Freerksen
2001-2002Membership Vice PresidentElise Behn
2001-2002Ways & Means Vice PresidentYvonne McNamara
2001-2002TreasurerKathy Brady
2001-2002SecretaryAndrea Cummings
2001-2002Donations DirectorHelene Savage
2001-2002Dues DirectorDrew Hoyt (resigned; succeeded by) George Gould
2001-2002Community Development DirectorRobert Gillis
2001-2002Individual Development DirectorSteve Fruzzetti
2001-2002Membership DirectorJulie Grant
2001-2002Ways & Means DirectorGerry McNamara
2001-2002Presidential DirectorLaureen House
2001-2002Chairman of the Board
2001-2002Directors at Largen/a
2001-2002Meetings & ProgramsCarl Bertolino
2001-2002Web MasterRobert Gillis
2001-2002Wise Fox EditorBob Hickey
2000-2001PresidentBob Hickey
2000-2001Community Development Vice PresidentElise Behn
2000-2001Individual Development Vice PresidentKeith Magovern
2000-2001Membership Vice PresidentChris Howard
2000-2001Ways & Means Vice PresidentLaureen House
2000-2001TreasurerHelene Savage
2000-2001SecretaryDrew Hoyt
2000-2001Donations DirectorLaureen House
2000-2001Dues DirectorLynn Freerksen
2000-2001Community Development DirectorKathy Carter
2000-2001Individual Development DirectorJuile Grant
2000-2001Membership DirectorDavid Fisler
2000-2001Ways & Means DirectorYvonne McNamara
2000-2001Presidential DirectorTom Whiffen
2000-2001Chairman of the Board
2000-2001Directors at Largen/a
2000-2001Meetings & ProgramsDave Britton
2000-2001Web MasterRobert Gillis
2000-2001Wise Fox EditorTom Whiffen
1999-2000PresidentCarl Bertolino
1999-2000Community Development Vice PresidentHelene Savage
1999-2000Individual Development Vice PresidentDavid Fisler
1999-2000Membership Vice PresidentDave Britton
1999-2000Ways & Means Vice PresidentTom Whiffen
1999-2000TreasurerMichelle Rogers
1999-2000SecretaryElise Behn
1999-2000Donations DirectorLaureen House
1999-2000Dues DirectorTom Whiffen
1999-2000Community Development DirectorMatt Ferguson
1999-2000Individual Development DirectorKeith Magovern
1999-2000Membership DirectorFrank Monet
1999-2000Ways & Means DirectorJeanne Cherry
1999-2000Presidential DirectorBob Hickey
1999-2000Chairman of the Board
1999-2000Directors at Largen/a
1999-2000Meetings & ProgramsScott Rogers
1999-2000Web MasterRobert Gillis
1999-2000Wise Fox EditorGayle Workman
1998-1999PresidentSteve Tingle
1998-1999Community Development Vice PresidentPeter Sorrow
1998-1999Individual Development Vice PresidentTom Whiffen
1998-1999Membership Vice PresidentChris Hebert
1998-1999Ways & Means Vice PresidentLynn Freerksen
1998-1999TreasurerHelene Savage
1998-1999SecretaryCarl Bertolino
1998-1999Donations DirectorScott Rogers
1998-1999Dues DirectorTracey Apgar
1998-1999Community Development Directorn/a
1998-1999Individual Development DirectorGayle Workman
1998-1999Membership DirectorMike Savage
1998-1999Ways & Means DirectorKevin Coleman
1998-1999Presidential DirectorEd Groh
1998-1999Chairman of the Board
1998-1999Directors at Largen/a
1998-1999Meetings & ProgramsTom Whiffen and Gayle Workman
1998-1999Web MasterRobert Gillis
1998-1999Wise Fox EditorJen DeBrosse
1997-1998PresidentLynda Walsh
1997-1998Community Development Vice PresidentChris Hebert
1997-1998Individual Development Vice PresidentBob Hickey
1997-1998Membership Vice PresidentLynn Freerksen
1997-1998Ways & Means Vice PresidentPeter Sorrow
1997-1998TreasurerSteve Tingle
1997-1998SecretaryLucy Wilhelm
1997-1998Donations DirectorDave Britton
1997-1998Dues DirectorTom Whiffen
1997-1998Community Development DirectorWilliam King
1997-1998Individual Development DirectorJohn Dillon
1997-1998Membership DirectorJulie Grant
1997-1998Ways & Means DirectorSheri Duarte
1997-1998Presidential DirectorSteve Krug
1997-1998Chairman of the Board
1997-1998Directors at Largen/a
1997-1998Meetings & Programsn/a
1997-1998Web MasterScott Rogers - created web site
1997-1998Wise Fox EditorScott & Michelle Rogers
1996-1997PresidentBeth Maddestra
1996-1997Community Development Vice PresidentLynda Walsh
1996-1997Individual Development Vice PresidentChris Hebert
1996-1997Membership Vice PresidentPaula Bertolino
1996-1997Ways & Means Vice PresidentSteve Krug
1996-1997TreasurerBob Hickey
1996-1997SecretaryLauren Bonneau-Krug
1996-1997Donations DirectorCathy Hickey
1996-1997Dues DirectorLynn Freerksen
1996-1997Community Development DirectorPeter Sorrow
1996-1997Individual Development DirectorLucy Wilhelm
1996-1997Membership DirectorJim McNeil
1996-1997Ways & Means DirectorBill Maddestra
1996-1997Presidential DirectorSandy Smith
1996-1997Chairman of the BoardMark Emery
1996-1997Directors at Largen/a
1996-1997Meetings & ProgramsDavid Brown
1996-1997Wise Fox EditorTom Sawran
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