Board of Directors 2022-2023

President: Deena Cummings

Community Development Vice President: Lynda Walsh

Individual Development Vice President: Sophia Manos

Membership Vice President: Amy LaBrache

Ways & Means Vice President: Kris Long

Treasurer: Lisa Joliecoeur

Secretary: Pam Warren

Directors at Large: Marc Rivard

Membership Director: Max Loew

Web Master: Robert Gillis

Wise Fox Editor: Pam Warren

The Board meets once per month, two weeks prior to the GM. The purpose of the Board Meeting is to finalize the agenda for the upcoming GM, bring up projects that should be announced to the GM so as to obtain a chairman and subsequent committee members, and to resolve any potential conflicts.


The President resides over General Membership Meetings and Board Meetings and is in charge of the Chapter for the given election year.

Chairman of the Board

The Chairman of the Board is the previous year’s President and will guide the current President as needed.

Vice Presidents and Directors

Vice Presidents of the Chapter head up the areas of Ways and Means, Community Development, Individual Development and Membership. Each area also has a director who assists the Vice Presidents.


The Secretary is responsible for such things as keeping notes at the General Membership Meeting and the Board Meeting, distributing the Jaycee mail, and ensuring that all reports are submitted to the Wise Fox Editor in a timely manner. In addition the Secretary sends “sunshine” to members of the chapter and their families (primarily for births, hospitalizations and deaths)


The Treasurer’s primary responsibility is to monitor and disburse funds in accordance to the budget that was approved by the general membership.  

The Treasurer’s Report is broken down into seven major areas: Administration, Individual Development, Community Development, Ways & Means, Membership, Donations and Chapter Voted Donations.

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