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Degrees of Jaycees

Passport to Leadership (or Degrees of Jaycees) is a career path for members, providing a logical sequence of events to be followed. By working through the various requirements spread across 10 degree levels, members will learn and grow in the Junior Chamber experience.

For the member, the Degrees are a guide for personal growth. In addition, each member completing the Degrees of Jaycees program achieves the benefits of leadership training while directly affecting the experience of other members.

For the chapter, Degrees of Jaycees are a personnel management program which can be used toward the achievement of chapter goals through member participation. The chapter also gains increased visibility and influence within the community. The Degrees program is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: INVOLVEMENT — The first three degrees provide newer Jaycees with opportunities to experience orientation, training, community awareness, and the Jaycees experience.

Phase 2: EXPERIENCE — Degrees four, five, and six are designed to let Jaycees use their experiences from the first phase to develop skills in activation, action, and recruiting.

Phase 3: LEADERSHIP — The last four degrees use the participants’ training and leadership skills gained in the first two phases.

CERTIFICATION: When a degree has been achieved, members should complete the Passport to Leadership Certification Form, listing the degree and the activities completed. Degree Applicants must submit the completed local forms (and national, if so desired) to the Chapter Degrees Chairperson.

NOTE: Some degree requirements are optional for Foxboro Chapter-internal Degrees (as noted in requirements above). Regular Members are strongly encouraged to follow the National Jaycees’ Passport to Leadership degrees requirements AND submit the official forms ( to become a recognized Degree recipient.

INSTRUCTIONS: Participants must complete one degree at a time. There are no retroactive items. Only degrees completed during the current and previous 1 Board year are accepted. Complete the required tasks for a degree, and then select as many optional requirements as necessary. Each optional requirement may only be used once.

Fred Badger: 10
David Fisler: 10
John Freudenberg: 10
Monica Rigamonti: 10
+Tom Sawran: 10
Sandy Smith: 10
Lynda Walsh: 10
Tom Whiffen: 10

Dave Brown: 9
Mark Emery: 9
Robert Gillis: 9

Yvonne McNamara: 8

Julie Grant: 7
Lynn Freerksen: 7

Susan Gillis: 6
Cathy Hickey: 6

Paul Dean: 5

Gerry McNamara: 3
Wendy Kerchoff: 3

Mark Kerchoff: 2

Andrea Cummings: 5 (as of last reporting report; number is likely higher)
Heather Loew: 4 (as of last reporting report; number is likely higher)
Jennifer Widmer: 6 (as of last reporting report; number is likely higher)
Monica Fisler: 6 (as of last reporting report; number is likely higher)
Vanessa Linke: 5 (as of last reporting report; number is likely higher)

Right Click Here for the original “Degrees of Jaycees” form that was used to determine “Degrees of Jaycees.”

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