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Below are brief descriptions of some of the chapter’s annual projects to help members understand the projects better. There are several projects in each area, and all projects can have a committee or co-chairperson. The CPG gives more detail on how to run the project, but this guide gives a glimpse of what is required.

This area includes projects for the good of the community.

  • Adopt a Kid for Christmas: Buying gifts for children in need as referred to by the Foxboro Discretionary Fund. (The Discretionary Fund is a community organization that helps out any individuals and/or families in Foxboro)
  • Book Drive: Collecting books and donating them to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute
  • Candidate’s Night: Giving the opportunity to all the local candidates who are running for office to engage in a question and answer session. It is broadcast live on Cable 8.
  • Caroling on the Common: Coordinating with the Foxboro High School Band and the Doolittle Home. Carols are sung on the Common and then we travel to the Doolittle Home to sing to the residents.
  • Concerts on the Common: Booking bands for a free summer concert series which is held on the Common.
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Bringing the Easter Bunny to the Common for the children of Foxboro to visit.
  • National Night Out: Coordinating with the Foxboro Police Department and helping in any fashion with this National Night Out. This is mostly a manpower type of project.
  • Founder’s Day Float: Creating a float for the Parade that occurs on Founder’s Day.
  • Fruit Baskets: Assembling fruit baskets which are then given to the Discretionary Fund.
  • Holiday Share: This project, in the past, provided a nice dinner as well as different kinds of donations for women and children who were living in a shelter.
  • Literacy Challenge: Going to the Charter School in Foxboro and having the students participate in a reading challenge.
  • My Hero Essays: Organizing the elementary school children to write about someone who is considered their hero.
  • Nativity Scene Repair: Repairing the Nativity Scene as best as possible.
  • Nativity Scene Set-Up and Takedown: Bringing up the Nativity Scene to the Common for the holiday season and then storing it after the New Year.
  • PTO Calendar: Providing the PTO with any important information that the Jaycees want included in their calendar.
  • Publicity: Providing the necessary information (dates and locations) for the Jaycee projects to the Foxboro Reporter (local newspaper)
  • Sand for Seniors: Providing sand for the senior citizens of Foxboro during the winter months.
  • Santa on the Common: Bringing Santa to the town common for all the children to visit.
  • Santa Phone: Santa and Mrs. Claus calling the children of Foxboro during the holiday season.
  • Winter Common Decorations: Decorating the Common for the holiday season. We put garlands and bows on each lamp post, lights on the bushes around the Bandstand, as well as down by the South end of the Common.
  • Youth Scholarships: Providing college scholarships to Foxboro students. We read all the applicants essays and then decide on our top ten students.

This area focuses on fundraising, allocating and dispensing funds approved by the Board of Directors and General Membership as needed.

  • Concerts on the Common Concessions: Selling candy/drinks during the summer concert series.
  • Craft/Vendor Fair: Securing different vendors for a craft fair. Money comes from vendor registration, possible concessions and raffle tickets.
  • Founder’s Day Concessions: Running a concessions tent during Foxboro’s birthday celebration, Founder’s Day. We serve hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausage to name just a few.
  • Founder’s Day Glow Items: Selling glowsticks, LED lights and other glow items the night of Foxboro’s celebration, Founder’s Day.
  • Founder’s Day Pony Rides: Giving pony rides to the children during Founder’s Day.
  • Founder’s Day Shooting Gallery: Creating a shooting area where people can use paintball guns to shoot at various targets. It runs during Foxboro’s birthday celebration, Founder’s Day.
  • Founder’s Day Slush: This project entails selling slush on Founder’s Day.
  • Gillette Stadium Project: Working at Gillette Stadium in a variety of roles during football, and soccer games as well as concerts. We receive a stipend for the amount of people who work an event.
  • Glowstick II: Selling usually the leftover stock of glow items at a different venue such as Sharon, or Houghs Neck Beach.
  • Orpheum Ticket Sales: Organizing a group of people to go out to the Orpheum Theater to see anyone of their events. The Jaycees get half of the ticket proceeds.
  • Scrapbooking Fundraiser: Organizing a day of scrapbooking. Money comes from registration of those who want to scrapbook.

Projects in this area allow us to educate, train, and entertain individual Jaycee members.

  • Associates Night: Organizing a night to make fun of all the members of the chapter who are over the age of 41. In the past, videos, skits and game shows have been created for this project.
  • Block Island Social: Organizing a trip to Block Island, Rhode Island.
  • Book Club: Organizing a group of members who read and discuss a book each month.
  • Camping/Hiking Trip: Organizing a weekend camping/hiking trip usually in New Hampshire.
  • Canoe Trip: Organizing a canoe trip. It can be a day event or a weekend trip.
  • CPR and First Aid Training: Coordinating a time and an instructor so that the Jaycees can become certified or re-certified in CPR and First Aid Training.
  • Degrees of Jaycees: Updating of the member’s level of degrees that they have achieved within the chapter. Participating in different projects as well as being a chairperson can raise your degree. It is a way to track your progress within the chapter.
  • Family Day: Organizing a trip to various destinations. Past places were Roger Williams Zoo, Revolutions Game, and Edaville Railroad.
  • Financial Planning: Finding an individual who can teach the members of the chapter about how and where to invest their money.
  • Founder’s Day Work Party: Hosting a party for all the Jaycee members who worked during Founder’s Day. It serves as a break between the day events and the selling of the glow items.
  • Home-Buying Seminar: Finding an individual to teach the members of the chapter about how to start the process of buying and selling a house.
  • How to Write a CPG and Chair a Project: Teaching members of the chapter how to write a CPG (a business plan) and how to chair a project.
  • Installation Banquet: Organizing a banquet that serves as an end of the year award ceremony as well as the swearing in of the new President and his/her Board of Directors.
  • Jaycees Business Networking: Displaying the businesses of the members of the chapter on the website as well as the Wise Fox newsletter. We use this form of networking because the roster is only used for chapter business and not personal business.
  • Jaycee Open: Organizing a golf tournament for Jaycee members. There are prizes awarded to the winning team as well as a BBQ after everything is finished.
  • Kids Christmas Party: Bringing in Santa and Mrs. Claus for the children of the Jaycee members. It is a benefit of being a Jaycee. No standing in lines, a nice, warm location, and a free picture and gift.
  • Meetings and Programs: Finding speakers and providing food for the Jaycee meetings that are held once a month. As chairperson, you can find people to sign up for food on a monthly basis.
  • Pawtucket Red Sox Game: Organizing a group of Jaycees to see a Paw Sox baseball game.
  • Pick-Up Volleyball: Playing volleyball once a week during the summer at Booth Playground.
  • President’s Party: Hosting and organizing the party for the incoming president.
  • Progressive Dinner: Organizing a night of holiday celebration. Members of the chapter travel to one house for appetizers, a second house for dinner and then everyone comes back to one house for dessert.
  • Providence Bruins Game: This project entails organizing a time when Jaycee members can go see the Providence Bruins play.
  • Public Speaking: Finding an individual who can teach the members of the chapter how to become a more effective public speaker.
  • Scat Night: Hosting and organizing a night of playing the card game, Scat.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Organizing a scavenger hunt for members of our chapter to drive all over the town of Foxboro collecting clues. Prizes are then given to the winning team.
  • Scrapbooking: Organizing of a group of members who scrapbook once a month.
  • Ski Trip: Organizing a day or weekend ski trip for the members of the chapter.
  • Whitewater Rafting Trip: Organizing a weekend, whitewater rafting trip usually in Maine.

These projects concentrate on recruiting, activating and retaining members.

  • Activation Apparel: Giving out of Jaycee clothing to members who have worked a project.
  • Activation/Mentoring Program: Matching up veteran members with new members as mentors/mentees.
  • Call Night: Organizing a night of cold calling the citizens of the Foxboro in hopes of recruiting members. It is an opportunity to promote the chapter and let people know about our upcoming projects and meetings.
  • Membership Booth: Promoting the Jaycees at various events. A membership booth contains pictures and information (i.e. pamphlets and business cards) for the public to see and take with them. In the past, the membership booth has been displayed at the Haunted House, Founder’s Day, Concerts on the Common, Family Night Out and the Craft/Vendor Fair.
  • New Member Social: Organizing and hosting a party for all the new members of the chapter. All members are invited but the party serves as a welcome to the newer members.
  • Orientations: Teaching new members the ins and outs of the Jaycees. Here you will learn common terminology and all the important things we do for the Foxboro community.
  • Recruitment Ads: Promoting the Jaycees by submitting ads in the local newspaper, The Foxboro Reporter. These ads tell the citizens of Foxboro who we are and when we have our General Membership meetings.
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