Membership Requirements & Benefits

Requirements for membership in the Jaycees:

  • Regular members must be between the ages of 18 and 41.
  • So many Teens have come to the Jaycees to volunteer and make an impact in their community. The Jaycees feel it is important to give these Teens a place to learn Leadership skills while impacting the Community, work with peers as well as adults, enjoy social events and create life long friendships. The Foxboro Jaycees are now accepting “Teen Associate Members.” Anyone 13-17 is eligible to join and will transition to “regular” member when they turn 18.
  • Associate members are ages 41 and above.
  • Annual dues (approximately $32.50).
  • A willingness to participate and try new things!

Members are NOT required to:

  • Belong to a specific political party or religion.
  • Participate in a specific number of projects or contribute a required number of hours. Participation is encouraged, because you get as much out of Jaycees as you are willing to put in, but not required.
  • Attend every meeting or hold an office.


  • Valuable leadership experience
  • Membership in a National and International organization for no extra cost.
  • Social and networking opportunities.
  • Publications from the US Junior Chamber (Jaycees magazine).
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