Key Man Award Recipients

This is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a Jaycee member. It is only given out once per year and only by previous Key Men. The Key Man is the person who has unselfishly given of their time and efforts over the course of the Jaycee year and has shown tremendous leadership skills. This person has been the “key” to Jaycee success over the year.

KeymanPlaque-787217The plaque given to each Key Man

Key Man Trophy On Shelf 01     IMG_9841 The Key Man Trophy

List of Jaycee Key Men since chapter founding in 1961

William Hadley1961
Leon Cote1962
John Hebert1963
Earl Beardsley1964
+ Carroll Perkins1965
+ William Norwood1966
Leonard Avery1967
+ Timothy Sullivan1968
William Marsh1969
+ William Hyland1970
+ Henry Bowditch1971
+ Barry Behn1972
David Fitzgerald1973
Robert Pietraffeta1974
William Ewald1975
Guy Daniels1976
Paul Kelly1977
Jack Tynan1978
Robert Cole1979
Robert Leavitt1980
Robert Street1981
Robert Street1982
John Freudenberg1983
Paul Howard1984
Michael Lenihan1985
Martin Heffernan1986
+ Robert Kilroy1987
+ Chris Ienello1988
Chris Nametz1989
Sandra Smith1990
Bob Webster1991
+Tom Sawran1992
Fred Badger1993
Dave Brown1994
Carl Bertolino1995
Beth Maddestra1996
Lynda Walsh1997
Bob Hickey1998
Lynn Freerksen1999
Helene Savage2000
Tom Whiffen2001
Elise Behn2002
Kris Long2003
Monica Rigamonti2004
Dave Fisler2005
Jennifer Widmer2006
Sandy Emery2007
Monica Fisler2008
Vanessa Linke2009
Julie Grant2010
Heather Loew2011
Deena Cummings2012
Robert Gillis2013
Laureen House2014
(Not Given)2015
Lisa Joliecoeur2016
(Not Given)2017
Lynda Walsh2018
Marc Rivard2019

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